First post on my 30th birthday

Hi everyone, this is my first post as “fitinthemidwest.” I thought it was fitting to start this blog on my 30th birthday, in order to have something to keep me in check as I maintain being fit and healthy in my new age decade!

Breakfast today included my first bowl (lots of firsts today) of overnight oats! I experimented with the ingredients, but was copying the recipe for a yummy bowl of Swiss oatmeal I had at the Corner Bakery while in Chicago last weekend. I enjoyed Birchermuesli while living in Switzerland and the Corner Bakery version definitely brought me back to the joy I had of eating Swiss oatmeal!

Corner Bakery Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal

Here is what I put into my version:

My first bowl of overnight oats

-1/2 cup of dry Quaker oats

-3/4 cup of skim milk

-1/2 cup of Stonyfield Organic plain lowfat yogurt

-1 medium banana

-dry currants

-1 small dash of pure vanilla extract

-a bit of cinnamon

In the morning, I added fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and a tiny bit of nutella (not pictured). I think this version turned out pretty good, especially for my first try! am looking forward to making this during the work week and waking up to find a healthy breakfast all prepped and waiting for me!

After breakfast, I went for a run/walk around my neighborhood. My body was still pretty sore from my gym workout on Monday (or from turning the big 3-0), but I wanted to do some sort of exercise before getting ready for the day. I got a few birthday phone calls from family and got ready to meet my parents for lunch.

We enjoyed eating at a local Italian restaurant. I had penne rigate with asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and pesto sauce. They also had this amazing focaccia to dip into olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had two pieces of bread, but sadly didn’t take any photos of my meal or the bread. Here are some photos of my parents and I:

My dad and I

My mom and I

Off to have dinner downtown with my hubby!


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