Blogging with Borat

I am finding it hard to concentrate on blogging/writing, because my husband decided to watch a bit of Borat. I am trying to ignore Borat, but he is pretty darn funny. I am loving hearing my husband laugh at the crazy comedian.

Here is me with my new bike helmet (brand is Nutcase and it’s from REI) and Borat in the background, looking over my shoulder saying “verrry niiice” helmet Lisa!

My new bike helmet, a birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law

Please excuse my shiny face–I walked a little over 3 miles in the humidity with my friend Danielle and her baby Taylor today.

Danielle and Taylor

We watched ducks on our walk along the river

Since I am off of work this week and Danielle is off of work on Wednesdays, we decided to meet up and take a walk from her house to a little cafe for lunch. Every time we have decided to plan a walk together, it starts to rain or is about to rain. Today was no different, but the rain didn’t arrive until I was driving home from her house four hours later. Phew! We enjoyed walking along the river, checking out the ducks and then had a yummy lunch on Main Street.

My lunch of Buffalo Chicken Salad

I enjoyed a nice Buffalo Chicken Salad (I am a bit obsessed with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce) with ranch dressing on the side and a cup of hot coffee (my Italian classmates used to say this was very German of me when I had a cappuccino with my pasta. Today, I had hot coffee with my lunch because Danielle shared a free coffee coupon with me). It was yummy and hit the spot after having two bigger meals at restaurants yesterday.

After lunch, we walked and chatted some more and headed to the Farmer’s Market. My house is pretty stocked with veggies and fruits right now, so we just checked out the produce and bought ourselves cheesecake dessert! I was craving chocolate so I had a turtle cheesecake in a cup with a cherry on top.

We did a quick Tar-jay run and then I headed home through rush hour traffic. The day just flew by and I can’t believe how quickly my week off has gone. đŸ˜¦

Have a good night!


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