Eat your vegetables

The Today show had Nutritionist Joy Bauer on this morning and she said Americans are not getting enough vegetables in their diet. We should be eating 2-3 cups of veggies a day. If it’s a “puffy” vegetable, like spinach leaves, you should eat 2 cups of that instead of one. I like to think I get all of the veggies required into my diet on a daily basis, but I think Joy’s advice of 2-3 cups a day is easy to remember.

Vegetables from our garden

Why get these whole foods into your diet? Well, Joy broke down what some of her favorite vegetables do to help our bodies.

Here is a quick recap of notes I took while she was on the show:

  • Joy loves Kale and Spinach because they are rich in vitamins c & k, beta carotene, iron and fiber.
  • One red bell pepper has twice the amount of vitamin c of an orange. Love red bell peppers!
  • Broccoli and brussel sprouts have lots of nutrients, but more importantly, a compound that may help reduce certain types of cancer.
  • One cup of vegetable juice, such as V8, counts toward your daily quota, but check the sodium levels.

I got a few vegetables into my lunch today–baby carrots, asparagus and tomatoes.

Leftover penne rigate with asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, feta, mushrooms and pesto; grapes; baby carrots and all natural cherry flavored green tea with honey

Close up of my lunch

Lunch hit the spot! I needed some more fuel after all of the cleaning I did! The bowl of overnight oats definitely kept me full until about 1:15 p.m., so I think I would be better off eating that before work. That way, I won’t need a mid-morning snack.

Here are our cute cats attempting to sleep while I was making noise cleaning the house.

Karma lounging in the sun

Tanzi loves to sleep in a brown paper bag

My food has settled in my tummy and off to the gym I go!


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