Enjoying a hot coffee on a cool day

Jeez, the temp dropped so suddenly here in Wisconsin! I think it went from near 90 degrees four days ago to a high of 65 today! I can’t complain though, because the cooler weather is better than sweating in the heat.

I had a headache this morning, so I took a nap with Karma. It was a good excuse to snuggle with the sick little kitty.


I woke up my from my nap headache free and got ready to tackle the day. I left the house and ran more errands. I have accomplished most of the errands I wanted to on my week off, which feels really good because otherwise I would have spent the next couple of weekends doing them.

I took time to enjoy a hot drink on this cool day. I had my free birthday drink from Starbucks (if you have a gift card, register it and you’ll get a free drink postcard in the mail about a month before your birthday) and I chose to go with a new fall flavor: Toffee Mocha. It was yummy, but tasted a lot like hot chocolate more than coffee or toffee. I love toffee, so I was a bit disappointed that this flavor didn’t have a more true toffee taste. Maybe I should go back to the seasonal Pumpkin Latte and just ask for half the syrup, because they are too sweet for me.

Starbucks Toffee Mocha and Stieg Larsson's bestseller

I settled in a comfy armchair with my Toffee Mocha and read a few pages of a book I am borrowing from a co-worker, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. My co-workers warned me that it’s slow for the first 100 pages and they are accurate. I am at page 80 something and a little confused so far, but once I get past page 100, I am sure it will be addictive to read!

After, I picked up a few ingredients for dinner tonight at the grocery store. I needed chili powder and tomato paste for vegetarian sloppy joes.

Mama's Sloppy Joes from the back of a Fantastic' World Food's Vegetarian Sloppy Joes box

I promised my hubby I would cook more dinners this week so he’d come home to a few meals after work. Unfortunately, I have been gone late a few days this week and I had so many leftovers from my meals out, that I didn’t own up to that promise too well.

Yesterday, I used up some tomatoes from our garden and made fresh salsa with cilantro, garlic, red onions, sea salt and tomatoes.


Can you believe this was my first time making fresh salsa!? I should have been using up our tomatoes all summer and making this. It was so yummy! The only thing was dealing with the garlic and onion breath. Eek.

I didn’t work out yet and am debating whether or not to skip the gym. I cleaned the house some more by mopping the kitchen and bathroom, so that burned a bunch of calories.

Off to relax a bit with Oprah and then start cooking dinner.

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