“S” themed Saturday

It was a busy Saturday full of lot’s of “S” things. Sara’s bridal shower, shopping at the mall, Sam’s Club samples, and a smoothie while playing Simpsons clue with my sister-in-law and my sexy and sweet husband.

I relaxed a bit when I woke up, had breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios with a half of a banana and skim milk. By the time I got ready for the day, mom had arrived and we were off to my niece Sara’s bridal shower.

Bride-to-be Sara

I didn’t take photographs of my lunch, as I am not a full on food blogger quite yet. I had a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard, a few types of salads, taco dip with a few chips and some assorted fruit. It was yummy!

After the shower, my mom and I ran to my favorite mall and I found a pretty dress at Macy’s and a nice sweater at Banana Republic. Then we went to Sam’s Club and I picked up some Chobani yogurt and tortilla chips. They had so many sample stations setup there! It was insane–I sampled apple pie, chimichangas with salsa, a cherry popsicle, yoplait chocolate yogurt, an almond cluster, a ham sandwich on white bread (gasp, haven’t had that in ages and it tasted weird to me) and chicken sausage. Crazy, huh!? Their sample stations were really easy to find and nicely labeled. Basically, my mom and I ate our dinner there. I still needed more fruit in my diet for the day, so I made a cherry juice, frozen banana, almond milk and skim milk smoothie when I got home later.

My sister-in-law came over to give me my birthday present and then we played Simpsons clue.

Smoothie (I need to use the DSLR instead of my little camera)Trying to figure out the rules

Trying to figure out the rules

I have a headache and need to get to bed soon! I need to get up somewhat early to clean the house some more before my brother and sister-in-law come over. They are in town from Cali and they’re taking us to a Milwaukee Restaurant I have always wanted to eat at: Lake Park Bistro. I am excited for a yummy brunch there and will definitely bring the DSLR to get some nice images.



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