Bon Appetit at Lake Park Bistro

I woke up this morning and did a bit of my “normal” Sunday routine, which includes reading the Sunday paper, drinking coffee, and watching the CBS Sunday Morning show. Then it was time for Craig and I to clean the house before my brother and sister-in-law came over. The house looked pretty spotless! Sometimes I enjoy those quick sweeps of the house with the dust rag and vacuum and just getting it all clean in a short period of time.

They arrived and then we were off to Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro down at the lakefront. They took us out to eat to celebrate my birthday and our 1st wedding anniversary. We had a lovely three course brunch. I ordered fruit with acacia honey and berries for my appetizer, croque monsieur with fries for my main course and crepes with nutella for my dessert. I only took pictures of Craig’s sorbet dessert and my dessert because I didn’t want to be too picture crazy (I haven’t formally announced to family and friends that I am a blogger at this point).

Guava, strawberry and orange sorbets

Crepes au nutella

Everything was very delicious. We had gorgeous views of Lake Michigan. The interior of the restaurant was simple, but pretty.

Interior of restaurant

My sister-in-law and brother

Craig and I outside the restaurant

We then took a drive past all of the Lake Drive mansions, which were just breathtaking. My sister-in-law wanted to check out Whole Foods, which I always love going to, as she has been really interested in taking her business in a more eco/green direction. WF always has the best eco friendly products.

Our last stop was the Third Ward of Milwaukee. We went to a few stores and walked around the Milwaukee Public Market. I was glad to check out some stores we have never been in before. We saw some cool works of art, but nothing worthy of being above our couch. Sigh.

I had a food coma, so I waited a bit until I went to the gym.

We watched our cats get excited for their own “food food.” They know the word food and when we say it, they think they are getting fed. Silly guys.

Hungry cats

At the gym, I did 20 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill and lifted some free weights. I was kind of disappointed in my gym because they have been leaving machines broken, including pedals on the bikes I like to ride on. Without straps, I have been coming close to seriously hurting my legs/ankles. Lord only knows that I don’t need anything else adding to the risk of my injury prone body becoming injured again! I took action and e-mailed the owner about these problems and also asked for a bike rack outside. The gym is only a mile away, so I’d like to bike there during the 5 months of the year that this would be possible!

Off to relax with my men and drink a glass of red wine. It’s been a very French day and we’ll end it with a nice glass of wine. 😉

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