Happy Labor Day!

It’s labor day and I am not too joyous about going back to labor tomorrow at work after I have had a week off.

For breakfast, I had coffee, two small pieces of poppy-seed bread and then got hungry a couple of hours later, so I made yogurt with berries, Bear Naked granola and agave nectar drizzled on top. This was obviously inspired by my appetizer at Lake Park Bistro yesterday.

It started to hail and thunderstorm, which instantly scared me because my car sits outside and I didn’t want hail damage. Luckily, I think I escaped damage this time.


We were then off to the St. Martin’s fair, which is kind of like a big flea market and produce market. I wouldn’t call all of the produce tents put together a farmer’s market, because it seemed like some of the items were just bought in bulk from grocery stores and sold for a fair price. It was crowded!

Lots of fried food sightings! Fried cheese curds, fried onions, etc. I had to resist the fried cheese curds. I would rather have the fresh ones anyway.

I walked away with a red pepper for 25 cents and strawberries for $1.50. I knew it was not a local farmer when I got back to the car and saw my pepper was from Canada. You betcha! Oh well.

We went to McD’s for 49 cent cones. Yum! Will miss these when they go away.

Now, we are both tired and I think I should join my husband in a little nap.


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