Back to the grind

Getting back to work today actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I came back to lots of e-mails and a few voicemails, but tackled most of them by the end of the day. Phew!

For breakfast, I went the yogurt, berries, almond, granola and agave nectar route again. I should make an egg for breakfast tomorrow to mix things up. This did fill me up until lunch though.

Almond poppyseed bread, yogurt with granola, almonds, berries and agave nectar, hot coffee

I forgot to take photographs of my lunch. Blame it on a chatty co-worker talking to me about Chobani yogurt and nutrition. I couldn’t shut up about those subjects, so I completely blanked on taking photos of my slice of sausage pizza, red peppers and peach Chobani yogurt. Oh and I enjoyed a small piece of dark chocolate for dessert. Then I was off to the place I visit at least once a week on my lunch break.

Exterior of the Milwaukee Public Library

Interior dome

The public library! I had to drop off some magazines and pick up two movies (yes, I “rent” movies from the library instead of Netflix, it’s hip in this bad economy, ok?).

Before picking up the movies, I did one of the last name changes I will have to do–I renewed my library card and away went one of the last items in society with my maiden name on it. 😦 Sad. Oh well. Now I have to memorize a new library card number too, bummer!

Picking up the movies, I swear it was my final confusion with the new name thing. I explained that my old name was on the DVDs because I literally just switched my name on my card a second ago and the guy didn’t get it. He walked into a back room that no one ever goes in to get my stuff. Out he came and said he couldn’t find them. I explained that it was probably under my old last name, like I had already said and it all clicked then! We got Date Night and Brothers.

After staying a little late at work and munching on a small Pink Lady apple (my favorite) for an afternoon snack, I came home to munch on some chips with Herdez green salsa. I finally decided to have some leftovers for dinner and that pasta leftover fueled me for the gym.

I also had a little dessert inspired by Tina’s desserts on Carrots N’ Cake . I indulged in half of an Arnold’s thin with peanut butter, a bit of Nutella and some chocolate chips.


Yes, I look like a dork (a shiny faced one again, Cover Girl, please send me some free powder)!

I swear the combo of this and dinner fueled me at the gym. I did weights first to settle my tummy. I focused on legs today and then hopped on the elliptical to read Health Magazine for a half hour. Halfway through, I just felt the need to up my speed and maintained it for a while. It felt good to sweat!

We watched Date night tonight and it was pretty good. Definitely different than we expected. It was funny and we had some of those husband and wife moments where Tina Fey’s character was sooo me and Steve Carrel’s character was very Craig like. Love those moments!

It’s late and I need to get ready for bed. Gute Nacht!


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