Getting the hang of this

I am currently experimenting with writing from my iPod WordPress app. I figure it may help me get a head start with blogging by allowing me to blog a bit during my lunch break.

Breakfast today–I stuck to my plan and ended up having a poached egg on an English muffin with jack cheese and Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

This kept me full until lunch, but I did have another coffee and small snack of dried cranberries at my desk around 10:30.

This part of the day is where my blog title comes in. I will get the hang of this blogging thing eventually. I keep bringing my little camera with me everywhere but forgetting to take pictures of my lunch. I guess I don’t need to be a “take pictures of three meals a day plus snacks” blogger, but I should aim to do that and see if it’s feasible, especially during this trial period.

For dinner, I had white cheese and noodles, which is probably not the healthiest. I also had a banana and half an Arnold’s Thin with peanut butter, chocolate chips and some of the banana on top. I had this gym friendly snack when I thought I was going to the gym. I have been so hungry lately, that I had dinner right away instead and felt so full after, so I opted out of the gym.

To get my (sore) body moving, Craig and I went for a walk around our neighborhood. Here are some pictures of the park we walk through on a regular basis. It was a nice crisp fall night that called for sweatshirts and holding hands to keep warm. 😉

Off to bed! I am beat.

P.S. the iPod app worked wonderfully so I could write something, save a draft and edit it later on. It’s just harder to type on the iPod of course, especially when you are speed demon typer like me on the regular computer.

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