Take me “home” country roads

Wow, the day flew by. I guess three hours of meetings tend to help with that!

For breakfast, I was in a cold cereal mood and had a bowl of honey nut cheerios with skim milk.

At work,I found I was left with a growling belly because of this lighter breakfast. I fulfilled my hunger by eating a cranberry and almond snack bar.

Lunchtime included eating a six inch ham and provolone Subway sub on nine grain honey oat with these fixings: spinach, tomatoes, black olives, pickles, cucumbers, a little bit of jalapeno and mayonnaise. It was yummy!

Subway ham and cheese sub

After work, I drove out to my parents’ house. Hence the title with home in quotes because their house is not really my “home” anymore. I didn’t grow up in the house they live in currently, so I can’t put it that way literally. But, it’s where my parents live and I guess that makes it home.

Country sky view

I had to take mostly country roads to get out there because the freeway ramp was closed, which slowed down my drive. The sky looked so beautiful, so I had a take a snapshot of it.

We visited with my brother and sister-in-law some more, then my other brother came over with my two nephews. Finally another brother showed (I have four total brothers and three of them were there tonight).

My poor nephew had a little accident in the bathroom so he had to wear a big t-shirt while his clothes were washed.


As you can see, his accident didn’t prevent him from jumping around and being silly, per usual.

I sipped on a glass of Malbac wine from Chile. It was very good and hit the spot after a busy day at work.

We had a nice meal together, complete with talking about random topics and that is very typical of our family. I almost choked on a grape and well I sort of did, so I had a reaction to that and uncontrollably laughed, but sort of choked at the same time. Ugh, what’s with me and choking? My family didn’t know I was really having a problem swallowing my food until I could somewhat talk.

Dessert was served. I indulged in two small pieces of pie–cherry and coconut cream pie with a scoop of Kopps Tiramisu custard on top.


I am exhausted and all I can think is “TGIF” tomorrow! I wish I could come home to relax after work, but we’re off to celebrate my sis-in-law’s birthday at my in-law’s house. All I am going to do is eat at people’s houses for the next couple of days because I also have brunch on Saturday at my friend Laurie’s condo! I better get myself to the gym to work all of this food off!


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