Catching up

I am behind on posting, so I’ll catch up on today’s events and meals, but have to keep it brief because it’s getting late and I am tired.

Here’s breakfast–coffee, homemade pumpkin bread from mom, strawberry chobani with fresh strawberries on top.

Breakfast on 9-10-10

Snack at work: Soyjoy blueberry bar and a coffee

It was my first time trying a soyjoy bar and it was pretty good. I got them free from NatureMade rewards.

Lunch–the rest of the Subway footlong and red grapes:

Lunch on 9-10-10

My co-worker gave me a belated birthday present! He knows I like coffee and chocolate, so he got me this bar. It was delicious and just what I needed after lunch.

After work, I had to run home to wrap Lisa’s b-day present. I had some helpers.

We picked up Little Caesar’s pizza and breadsticks. Yum! Not very healthy, but yummy. We went to my in-laws for dinner. Turns out Craig matched his dad with their Harley shirts.

And my in-laws, Craig and I all had black shirts on!

My handsome hubby

After dinner, Lisa opened her birthday present from us and then we played a game of hers. It was a lot of funny and created some laughable moments!


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