A Lovely Sunday

IMG_5040, originally uploaded by fitinthemidwest.

Breakfast today was hot coffee and an english muffin with whole cherry jam that brother and sister-in-law so kindly picked up for me in Door County. I also snacked on some red grapes before we headed out on our bike ride.

The weather was gorgeous today and since it’s been so cool lately, we decided to take advantage of the change from cool to warmer and sunny and go for a bike ride.

I got my helmet on to be a safe rider (can’t say the same for my hubby) and we headed west towards a trail I always wanted to check out.


We mostly traveled on sidewalks on a busy road to get to the trail. Once we were there, the trail was short lived, but pretty. The nature smells and sights won me over vs. the smell of my gym.


I was hungry when we returned after a 6.7 mile bike ride and were gone for 41 minutes. Some of the ride was uphill, so we got our hearts racing near the end of the ride.

I needed protein for recovery, so I made us a protein smoothie with vanilla protein powder, assorted frozen berries, more raspberries, a frozen banana, almond milk and a bit of skim milk.


That hit the spot!

I still needed some protein before we headed out to visit Craig’s grandmas for Grandparents’ Day, so lunch was a fried egg on an Arnold’s Thin with some Frank’s Red Hot sauce on top. Mmm…it was good.

After a quick errand, we were off to meet Craig’s sister and then to the first Grandma’s nursing home for a visit.

She was happy to see us. We got her a bird statue and bookmark.

The nursing home had cute (real) birds to visit with, like this one.

After chatting to Grandma about what was new with us, we were off to the next Grandma’s house.

Upon returning home, I realized I was tired from all of the visiting and made a nice Sunday dinner for myself (Craig doesn’t love all of the ingredients I used in my recipe).

Quinoa, roasted red peppers (from Trader Joe’s), kalamata olives, zucchini, feta cheese and some balsamic vinegar and olive oil on top. Oh and Penzey’s Spices Garden Salad Seasoning, which was really yummy.


I paired it with a two buck chuck glass of red wine.


Later, I felt like something chocolatey, but couldn’t find anything that suited my craving, so I settled on Frozing! Cherry Vanilla frozen yogurt and added some of the cherry jam on top for extra sweetness.

Now I have to do the Sunday things around the house like putting fresh sheets on our bed, painting my nails and getting ready for the work week.

It was a lovely day and weekend. I just wish I had one more day to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax. I guess that’s what lunch breaks and after work is for.

P.S. I uploaded my photos to Flickr and experimented with adding them from there, which worked out pretty well. I like the size of the photographs compared to uploading from WordPress, because the large was too large and the medium was kind of small.


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