Energetic Monday

I never have energy on Mondays. What is wrong with me today?

Maybe it was the almost three hours straight of meetings, but after work, I suddenly got a big burst of energy. I tried to release it at the gym. 15 minutes on the bike, 16 minutes on the elliptical, arm and leg weights, some abs and stretching just weren’t enough. I came home and proceeded to clean by doing dishes, wiping the oven off and vacuuming the house.

Finally, I am settling down, watching History Detectives on PBS and blogging.

Rewind to today’s overview.

I had overnight oats for breakfast. Without a ripe banana in the mix to sweeten it up overnight, I wasn’t too keen on the taste and texture. I put almond milk, Stonyfield Organic plain non-fat yogurt, and flax seeds in the mix with the oats. I added dates, almonds, Craisins, and strawberries in the morning.


I didn’t have a snack at work because of all of the meetings I went to and the overnight oats kept me pretty full.

I ate lunch during a meeting–it was leftovers from last night’s dinner (Quinoa with veggies, etc.) and then this sweet yogurt for dessert.


After work, I headed to the gym to burn off that energy!


For dinner, I felt like another protein smoothie for recovery after a pretty sweaty workout.

I made a fresh strawberry, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, skim and almond milk smoothie. All of the milk made it frothy and delicious!


While Craig cut the grass, I sat outside with a snack of Herdez verde salsa and tortilla chips. We love this salsa. We keep three or four bottles in our pantry.


After cleaning, I prepared my lunch for tomorrow. I have to get to work early (around 6 am) otherwise I will risk not having a parking spot in my lot due to a large event across from my lot. I thought it was best to cut up some red peppers, throw some spinach lasagna leftovers from mom into a container and add some baby carrots to the veggie container.


I’m off to finish watching the fascinating History Detectives and read some blogs. Hopefully I will have as much energy tomorrow as I did today.


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