My two vices

My body was totally off today with the early arrival at work, eating breakfast and drinking coffee at work, etc.

I got to work at 6 am and it was still dark outside. That probably didn’t help me feel normal either!

While working at a conference table, I snuck a photo of the overnight oats and coffee I brought to work. I had some leftover from yesterday and just added more oats, yogurt and milk, plus dried fruits, cinnamon and pure vanilla extract. I also warmed it up in the microwave for the first time. I think I like warm overnight oats better than cold.

Overnight oats and coffee

I took a picture of today’s lunch and posted it yesterday when I was packing it, so I won’t post that photo. I also added grapes to my lunch box to incorporate more fruit into my diet.

After eating lunch at my desk, I walked to Starbucks to use my last free drink coupon for the year. 😦 I got a Venti Non-fat Pumpkin Spice Latte and it was yummy. On my walk to Starbucks, I couldn’t recall whether I loved or hated the drink, but I figured it was free and worth a try. I usually like pumpkin flavored anything, as long as the flavor is not too fake.

Yes, I am still reading that book. Yes, it is still good but I do not have time to read anymore.

I left work at 2:45, which felt so weird! It was great to run errands when the rest of the world was still working. The stores were quiet.

I used my $10 birthday coupon for World Market (if you read the last couple of weeks of my blog, you’ll realize that I use a lot of coupons for free or almost free items). I ended up with my two vices–coffee and German Milka chocolate.

My two vices

My visit to Starbucks today inspired me to swap a French Roast that I already had in my hand for a Pumpkin Spice coffee. I also saw Pumpkin beer and after so many bloggers have mentioned it, I really wanted to try it. I’ll have to do some research on what kind is the best and try to purchase that locally.

I was excited to get this bike bag at Target today. I bought it for my husband for his b-day and it worked perfectly on his bike. I never thought to try it on mine before I bought my own. Fail.

Unfortunately, this didn’t work on my bike. From the picture, it appears like it will. Instead, it scraped my wheel and I couldn’t hear it doing that. I was left with a damaged bag, which I will try to return and explain that it didn’t work with my bike but I didn’t realize that until I was actually home from my ride. Oh well. Must find a new one for putting my keys, cell and camera into, probably for the front of my bike.

I still enjoyed a nice bike ride in my neighborhood. The weather was too beautiful to go to the gym. With a rainy forecast for the week ahead, I figured I better take advantage of a sunny day. I still want to go for a walk with my husband after he is done meditating.

That’s my recap for the day! Off to maybe read the book I never have time to read. Maybe I follow too many blogs, because I seem to read those more than books now.


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