Wellness Wednesday

I am so stinkin’ pumped up right now. At a staff meeting today, I learned that we will finally have a wellness program at work. I have been dreaming about this day. 🙂 It may mean yoga classes during my lunch break, nutrition classes, discounts at gyms, etc. My husband already has these nice incentives at his work and I am so happy we finally will too.

Speaking of a discount at the gym, after today’s meeting and announcement on the discounts we get at the YMCA, I definitely will be switching gyms in October. For a mere $7 more per month, I am upgrading from a small gym that is a mile away from my house to the YMCA that is 2.1 miles away.

I’ll be able to swim, have a locker and take fitness classes. Oh and maybe I will finally look into a personal trainer to see if I can tone up more. If you couldn’t tell already, I am ready for a change in my gym membership.

Besides the good news at work, it was a typical day, except for when I hurt my ankle again. Back to that at the end of the recap of my day.


Cheerios with a small banana


I had a ham sandwich with low fat Swiss cheese on an Arnold Thin. I was done eating it and went “doh! I forgot to take a picture!” So, I settled for a picture of my blueberry Chobani.

Afternoon Snack + Dinner

No pictures taken of either–afternoon snack was some pretzels and red grapes at the staff meeting.

Dinner was a chicken burrito. I also snacked on some pita chips.

Not too eventful of a day food wise. Eventful came when I hurt my ankle (yet again).

I was standing in front of my closet and going to change into a pair of jeans when all of a sudden, my ankle gave out on me and I fell to the floor. I have a broken left ankle that had bothered me all of last winter. The x-ray showed a break and all they could do to fix it was recommend physical therapy. I’ll admit that I haven’t kept up with some of the exercises, except for the weights at the gym focusing on my hip and length strength to prevent injury.

My sweet husband got me some ice and I could feel the pain surging through my foot. After a while, it went away and I was back on my feet again.

We went shopping at Kohl’s because I had a good coupon. Craig got some things and I walked away with a boring pair of nine socks! Two sets of three athletic types of socks and then three for winter to wear with dressy boots. I’ll go back there this weekend to look for more clothes.

Due to my injury, I didn’t go to the gym. I guess I can call this my rest day.

That’s all folks. Time to go read blogs and then get to bed.


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