Just a typical Saturday

Like the subject says, today was just a typical Saturday. We woke up to a thunderstorm (not typical) and then the cats meowing at our door (typical). I woke up and watched a bit of morning news, read blogs on my iPod touch, had Pumpkin Spice coffee and tried Peanut Butter Puffins for the first time.

As I munched on puffins, I read the ingredients on the box and was impressed with the simplicity of them vs. other cereal brands. I liked the flavor–it wasn’t a fake peanut butter flavor, but a real nice subtle one.

Our cat Karma is quite predictable with the way he interacts with Craig. This is how I usually find him on weekend mornings or at night. This morning, he had both of his paws on Craig’s head and proceeded to lick Craig’s hair. Weird kitty!

I then did more of the usual Saturday routine and cleaned around the house. Dishes, laundry, putting things away, etc. It felt good to get things cleaned up a bit.

All of that hard work called for breaking into the Kalamata Olive hummus I got at TJ’s yesterday and some pita chips.

Lunch was the other half of my footlong Subway sandwich. I also had some red grapes and dried figs. I don’t think I have ever had figs before today in this sort of form. Of course, I have had a fig bar and fig newtons. I have to say, I really like them! Next, my mission will be to try fresh ones.

I then headed to the grocery store to do some shopping on double coupon day. I got some things for free and even made money on an a little Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

Came home to rest for a bit and was off to the gym. The more I am there, the more I think, thank god I am switching gyms soon. I feel so uninspired by the lack of equipment and options there. At least at the Y, I can count on equipment getting fixed (I hope), various classes to attend, rowing machines (my favorite gym machine, I know, it’s weird but I love rowing) and a pool/whirpool/sauna. Can you tell I am looking forward to my work finalizing this whole wellness plan so I can make the switch!?

Anyway, I think the rainy weather caused my ankle to ache more than yesterday, so I wasn’t up for any strenuous exercise at the gym. I managed to get in 27 minutes of biking at 5.7 miles. I did some arm weights and various balance/strengthening exercises for my ankle.

Dinner was Trader Joe’s Four Formaggi (cheese) pizza. It’s always delish and our fav frozen pizza. However, I don’t know what happened, but part of the pizza ended up a bit burnt tonight. I had a few pieces that were fine and then one that was just ok.

Dessert-Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappucino Ice Cream (deal that I got today–two pints for $1.59, score!) and I put a little Nutella and a few chocolate chips on top.

Ok, time for some wine and if that doesn’t make me too sleepy, I’ll read more of my book.

Yay, shopping day with my mom tomorrow! I am looking forward to spending time with her and hope I can find a few things. I am just not having luck with clothes lately. 😦

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