Working out with Bob

I made pumpkin oats for breakfast again this morning. I didn’t measure the milk and water mixture I put into the pan, so they ended up kind of soupy. They were ok though, just not as chewy as normal. I also added half of a banana and that was a nice addition.

My snack at work was a coffee with cream and agave nectar and about six almonds. I wasn’t that hungry since my breakfast was filling.

Lunch was the rest of what I made for dinner last night + a Trader Joe’s greek yogurt with honey. I only ate half of that, as the container is 300 calories total and I was so full by the time I ate half anyway.

I had a tiny bit of dark chocolate for dessert.

I came home from work to find this sweet note on our back door. Love my cute husband. 😉 He just wrote it for no particular reason, just because he loves me.

By the time I got home, did dishes and relaxed a bit, it started to pour buckets outside. I left work later than I wanted to, so I was already behind in my schedule and I decided to work out at home instead of venture out into the rain and lightning. I ate some pita chips and hummus and then a bowl of Stonyfield Organic non-fat yogurt mixed with TJ’s Greek Yogurt and Door County cherry jam. Lunch was so filling that I didn’t feel like eating much for dinner.

I am watching the season premier of The Biggest Loser right now. I don’t like watching too much TV, but the show motivates me to workout and eat right.

Before this, I was working out with Bob too. I bought Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength about a month ago and hadn’t tried it yet.

I did 25 minutes (workout 2 for beginners) of his super strength workout DVD in my living room. It reminded me of the show–the style of pushing people and inspiring them to keep going. I was doing 8 lbs. in each arm and I sure hurt now! At the end, I had to pull out my 5 lb. weights because I knew 8 was too much for me. It was a good strength workout to do at home though. Next, I’ll try the hour long one.

Oh and Karma did a little stretching tonight too while I worked out. Don’t know why, but he was in this weird position on the couch while I was working out!


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