Oh Baby!

Oh baby 1) I am behind on my blog posts 2) I had a baby-filled day!


Waffles for breakfast

This for lunch:

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, tomatoes and green salsa.

Then for dessert–yogurt with cherry jam and a bit of honey.

Here was a recap from today:

Breakfast was a whole wheat tortilla with mushrooms, egg beaters and taco style shredded cheese and Frank’s Red Hot.

After letting our breakfasts settle, Craig and I went to the Y. We played basketball, did a little elliptical, and walked the indoor track. My ankle was hurting by the end and I had to get home to shower so I could make it to a baby shower. It wasn’t the toughest workout, but it was fun to be at the gym together. Craig and I both know I am really like going to like it there with all of the nice options I have for working out.

I headed out to the country to my friend’s mom’s house for her baby shower. I didn’t take photos of my lunch, but I had a pulled pork sandwich on a bun, cheesy potatoes and salad. Oh and some awesome cake from Simma’s bakery. Here are some photos of the shower.

Driving from the baby shower to my parents’ house nearby, I saw this and freaked out. I knew I had to snap a pic while driving. I should have stopped! Looks like the had a nice selection. (My husband’s name is Craig).

I went to my parents’ house and visited with one of my childhood pets, Garfield. He was excited to see me, but not too keen on my digital SLR–he was definitely scared of it!

Once home, I was craving veggies for dinner. I heated up some brussel sprouts and cooked a Trader Joe’s veggie masala burger on the stove. It was quite the tasty dinner! Had some undocumented vanilla Starbucks ice cream with a bit of Marzipan Milka on top for dessert.

I watched a boring and cheesy movie tonight and just vegged. I can’t believe the weekend is almost over already. Night!


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