Loving the Y

Happy Sunday afternoon!

This morning, we woke up late (8:40 a.m.) and I read a little of the Sunday paper, drank my coffee and had PB puffins.

Before going to the gym, I had greek/plain yogurt with cherry jam as a mid morning snack.

Then we got ready for the Y, day 2. We felt like pros compared to our first day there yesterday! We stretched, hit the elliptical for 10 minutes, the treadmill for 17 and then lifted some weights. I was so happy to have HGTV on the little treadmill TV in front of me. It’s the little things in life that make me happy!

They had these recipes available, so with my pumpkin craze, I figured I better pick it up. Plus, I can share it with you now.

Had a raspberry, skim milk, vanilla protein powder and ice smoothie for lunch.

I ventured out to the mall, but actually was so fed up with Christmas like crowds from a sale at the major department store, that I left and went to the grocery store instead. I had Pumpkin beer and canned pumpkin on my mind. No luck for the canned pumpkin, they were completely out. I did find a couple of pumpkin beer options, so I called my husband to see what was rated best online (I don’t have a smart phone). I ended up with Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Pumpkin Ale. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to tonight when it’s cold and ready to be consumed.

Here’s what I got at the store–I didn’t do a major grocery shopping trip, so this is just little things I needed to make recipes and some fresh produce for the week.

When I got home, I broke into the PB cookies and pretzel bread right away. All of that food shopping made me hungry, but I have to eat light because we are going out to eat with my in-laws tonight.

Better go get some things done before we head out for dinner! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am excited for the Season Premier of Amazing Race tonight. It’s one of my favorite shows.


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