I went to my first yoga class at the Y tonight and it felt great. I missed yoga. I love doing it in a class vs. at home. Don’t ask me why, but I do. My “intention” for the evening was to stretch. When I was sitting there, I realized that my lower/middle back was aching and I needed to stretch it out. I accomplished my intention tonight.

Here are the things I liked about my class–we used blocks (I didn’t use mine, but it’s a nice option to have), yoga straps to stretch our hamstrings at the end, and our teacher did a good job explaining things, plus he used music. Oh and we faced a mirror, which helps me make sure my poses are correct. I haven’t done yoga in front of a mirror in about 6 years.

I also got my official YMCA membership card and setup my orientation/”commit to be fit” appointment for tomorrow after work. I get to fill out some forms about my goals and current fitness activity, etc. I love filling out these types of forms!

Since we went straight from work, to Subway for dinner to the movie yesterday, I didn’t post. We got home at 9:30 and I was beat!

Here was my breakfast yesterday–the rest of the pumpkin overnight oats and coffee. I added raisins this time and it was ok. I think I like currants better.

Ugh, I am sick of the yellow, fake lighting I have to use because it’s dark out in the morning.

Lunch was my first time having Amy’s Mexican Tamale Pie, which was really good. It was low in calories (150), so I supplemented it with lots of other lunch goodies, yogurt and peppers. Dessert was dried figs.

Dinner was a 6 inch ham and cheese sub on honey oat.

The Social Network was a pretty good movie–it definitely keeps you on edge the whole time. They could have shortened it and cut out some parts, but it was intriguing.

On this last day of September (can’t believe how fast this month went), I had PB puffins for breakfast.

Lunch was a Whole Wheat English Muffin with provolone cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. I added mayo and Frank’s Red Hot too. Had a Chobani yogurt for some protein and dried figs and PB creme cookies for dessert.

I snacked on some almonds throughout the day too.

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, tomatoes, Mexican cheese, salsa, greek yogurt instead of sour cream and Frank’s Red Hot (seriously, I can’t get enough of that stuff). I ate early because I knew I was going to try to make yoga tonight.

When I got home from yoga, I was still craving an apple. I had wanted to eat one as dessert with my dinner, but that didn’t happen. A mountain of dishes were calling my name!

I saw this bad boy again and chopped him up.

I warmed up some caramel and dipped the apple slices into it. Yummy!

I’ll end with photos of two of my boys. Craig decided to take Karma outside. Our cats don’t go outside, so Craig had to carry him.

He investigated our garden…

And just sniffed around in general.

Time to go read some blogs! Hip hip horray, tomorrow is Friday!


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