Fitness excites me!

Hi everyone. Happy Friday! I am excited that we have NOTHING planned for the weekend. That means I still have a to do list, but nowhere specific to be, which feels great. It also means I can go shopping, paint my nails, catch up on this blog stuff and read books & magazines. I am sure I will be posting on Sunday commenting on how quickly the weekend flew by, but I am going to try to make the most of my free time!

Today started off with egg beaters and some greek yogurt with honey and almonds. Yum. This filled me up.

I treated myself to a day old cheese Danish (this is a baked good, not a person) and a coffee at work.

Lunch was a black bean burger and a pickle. The more I eat white bread in the form of buns or bread, I really don’t like it anymore!

I took a lunch break walk to the library to pick up a fitness DVD that was on hold for me–Shape Hollywood Workout. I’ll try it this weekend and let you all know how it is.

I left work a little early and came home to do laundry and bake before my appointment at the Y.

I had my heart set on making the Pumpkin Spice Cookies that Tina featured on her blog. Unfortunately, I was too distracted by laundry and making my appointment on time that I made the dough for the cookies and it seemed odd. So, coming up from putting wash in the dryer, I realized the microwave was flashing “end.” Ugh, I forgot the melted butter! Oh well, I guess my version of the cookies were vegan because I didn’t use dairy? I seriously have to bake by going ingredient by ingredient, otherwise this kind of thing happens!

Final product-ok, a little doughy, but tasty.

I just had two cookies for dinner before I headed to the Y for my appointment. I wasn’t that hungry.

I then proceeded to take pictures of the cats, but especially Tanzi because I haven’t featured him on here much.

Karma yelling at something outside

My fitness orientation was really good. We didn’t discuss as much about goals, etc. as I thought we might, but he asked what I wanted to learn and I was direct. I wanted to be hooked up with the Fitlinxx program to track my weight lifting and cardio. I will write more about this tomorrow and how it works, as I am ready to get off of this computer. Oh and I asked how to use the stretching machine–which was pretty cool too. It felt like I was doing yoga!

I came home after being there for an hour and 10 plus minutes and was super excited to share everything I learned and did with Craig. What can I say, fitness really excites me, especially with a new gym to look forward to. Guess that’s why my blog name is what it is (well and I drive a Honda Fit).

We’ll probably head to the gym in the morning to swim and maybe do yoga. It’s Craig’s last day on his trial (sad face). I liked being able to go with him, but I know he wouldn’t be as steady with it as I am.


One response to “Fitness excites me!

  1. I love weekends where I don’t have set plans. This is the last one I’ll have for awhile.

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