Busy morning & relaxing afternoon

We had such a busy morning and now that has translated into a relaxing afternoon at home.

I started my day with PB puffins and coffee before we headed to the gym. I read my e-mail and found a nice Facebook message from my California friend Janelle! Hi Janelle! I’ll write back soon. 😉

We headed to the Y for Craig’s last day of his weeklong trial. We made the 8:45 yoga class, which was tough! I really enjoyed the class I had on Thursday night more because it featured less balance poses. I guess between my weak hips, fractured ankle and bad knee, I prefer less balance and more relaxation. There were no tree poses, chair, or the different warrior poses (which I love), the teacher just had one warrior pose. It was still a good class. At the end, she put a basil and sage scented towel on our heads during meditation. That was a nice touch, it smelled fantastic and relaxing.

After yoga, I showed Craig the cool Fitlinxx system on the weight machines. He was impressed! And I showed him how to use the stretching machine by Precor.

Then we changed into our swimsuits and got in the pool. I am not a great swimmer and I didn’t want to put my head under because of my contact lenses. Once I get prescription goggles, I’ll put my head under, otherwise I can’t see and I get a headache in the pool. We swam around the deep end of the pool and let the professionals do their laps in the lanes and the kiddies enjoy their swimming lessons. We then each headed to our respective whirlpools for a nice end to our gym visit. We were there for a total of two hours and my muscles are definitely feeling it!

By the time we were home and showered, we were hungry! I had a snack of a half of an Odwalla bar at the gym, but I needed real food. We went to Cousin’s subs and got ham and provolone sandwiches. Yum.

I love Cousin’s Subs. It’s unique to the Midwest. A pretty big chain now and good competition for Subway.

I needed to go to Target (my fav) for some essentials, which included a new gym bag. I am supposed to get a free one from the Y, but I doubt it will be this nice. I decided the catch all bag wasn’t working, even if I put little cosmetics bags in it to divide my things. I needed a bag that sits like a purse on my shoulder so I can peek in (which is why I didn’t use an old backpack) and one with a couple of pockets, a water bottle holder, a key ring, and strings on the bottom for my yoga mat. The winner was Gaiam’s Metro Bag.

We came home, walked to a rummage sale a couple of doors down and then took a walk around the block. It seems we couldn’t get enough exercise today!

After that, it was all relaxation this afternoon. I called my parents, read my book, watched “Cook’s Country” on PBS and warmed up with the cats.

Now I am just loading songs onto my iPods–new ones for working out and I created a “relaxation” playlist on my gym iPod so I have some relaxing music for stretching and cool down.

Nothing is on the agenda for tonight. I’ll probably do some cleaning around the house and organize my closet with some of my winter items.


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