YMCA fitness orientation recap

Just another typical Sunday here…got up, made breakfast and watched the Sunday Morning show. Looked at the Sunday paper a bit, but still have to read it. I usually scan the ads and go back to read the actual paper later.

Breakfast was coffee with an English Muffin, Fried Egg, provolone cheese and Frank’s Red Hot.


We went to Kohl’s to use up some Kohl’s cash, which was hard for Craig to do, but would have been somewhat easy for me to do. He found some khaki colored dress pants.

I was somewhat hungry when we arrived home, so I made myself a bowl of three different types of yogurt (had to use up the rest of the Stonyfield Organic non-fat plain, used up the rest of the plain non-fat Greek from Trader Joe’s and added a little TJ’s greek honey yogurt). I added two pumpkin spice cookies, which I had warmed up, so the whole concoction was somewhat warm. I also added chia seeds, a banana, almonds, walnuts, all spice, cinnamon, honey and a little maple syrup.


So, I am headed to the gym soon and I realized I forgot to include some of the cool things I learned while getting my fitness orientation on Friday.

Fitlinxx–a program the YMCA uses (and maybe other gyms) where you log-in with an id at a main computer screen. Then you start your weight lifting program and log-in at individual screens on each weight machine. For example, when I go to do the leg press, I log-in with my unique ID. It then shows me how much weight I lifted last time I was there, what my machine settings were (because we all know how much fun it is to carry around a piece of paper with those stats, not!), and then I am set to begin. Once I start lifting, it shows a graph and as I push on the leg press, I should be doing the pushing in 2 seconds and come back down to my original position in 4 seconds to get the most out of the machine. Now that I am tracked by that graph, I realize that I always lifted weights too quickly, but also came back down way too fast. When you are done with your reps, you exit out and the machine tells you which machine to go to next. If you’re done, it tells you you have finished.

There are other nice aspects of fitlinxx. You can log your cardio workouts and choose the machine you were on, like a Precor treadmill. Choose the time & intensity level and it will give you an estimate on calories burned. You can also put in things like Yoga–I was able to log my Thursday yoga class on that Friday, by choosing the day before’s date. Pretty cool.

The Y has a friendly competition of males and females with the most fitlinxx points posted on their bulletin board. You can get points for the lifting regularly, hitting the cardio machines, etc. Hopefully I will make it on there someday! There’s no prize, just the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something good for you body by hitting the gym.

Precor Stretch Trainer

Copyright from Amazon.com, link above

The Y employee that worked with me on my orientation spent a lot of time teaching me fitlinxx and getting my settings right on the machines. He asked if I wanted to learn anything else and I really wanted to know more about the Precor stretch trainer. There are nice icons on the machine showing you how to use it, but I was still intimidated. In the end, it was so easy! It felt like I was doing yoga and stretching in a good way. I will definitely use this machine more now that I know what I am doing on it. Great way to stretch all areas of your body.

General tips–I asked a lot of questions when I was going through the orientation. Some had to do with injuries I have (fractured ankle, two meniscus surgeries on my knee) or pain in areas of my body and weight lifting to improve/prevent those injuries from creeping up again.

One great tip he gave me occurred while I was lifting weights for my lower back. It’s the machine where you sit and bend back to work your back. I said I hadn’t done that in a while, but it might be good because I seem to get lower back pain in the winter. He asked if I lifted weights for abs at my old gym. Well, I had quite often (because my abs are my weak area). He said that it’s always good to train the opposite area on your body–for example, if you train your abs, train your lower back too. Otherwise, one being trained on more than the other could result in pain. Work your triceps, you should also work your biceps, etc.

That sums up what I learned! It’s so great to have an in depth orientation like that so I feel more empowered at the gym.

Since my recent switch to the YMCA has been prompted by a new wellness program at work, I thought I would share you something my husband showed me last night. This photo was taken at his work and are all health and wellness books and fitness DVDs employees at his workplace can check out through the work library. Pretty awesome idea! I’ll have him bring a few home soon.


Enough resting, it’s off to the gym for me! I need to get a good workout in before dinner, Amazing Race and Undercover Boss (it’s in Wisconsin tonight, yay!)


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