Boot Camp Recap

I love boot camp class! I have taken it with the same teacher for three sessions now and it’s through the local rec department. My friend Angie and I took the class at another location with a different teacher over the summer. That was a big mistake.

I had my first class with my fav teacher, Sara, tonight. I was excited to be doing exercises at her stations with my friend Angie. You see, we had a very bad boot camp class over the summer with a teacher who was not so great. Let’s just say that we didn’t love doing the same basketball and football drills week after week. Moving onto the positive, our class with Sara was great tonight, per usual. Squats with weights, push ups, bicep curls with bands, jumping jacks, ab work, etc. It’s always a little easier on the first day of class, but I still worked up a good sweat. She always combines cardio with strength training and keeps our heart rate up the whole time.

I didn’t blog last night, because I promised myself some down time in front of the TV. I tried a new smoothie recipe from my Raw Energy cookbook and it was pretty good. Definitely tasted the Almond Butter in it more than the blueberries, but it was a good workout recovery drink.





I was sort of full from one and a half of these glasses, but then was still craving some veggies. I had brussel sprouts and tomatoes. Yum, hit the spot!



It was PB puffins for breakfast today with a cup of Pumpkin Spiced Coffee and Half and Half (TJ’s organic).


At work, I snacked on some almonds and an Archer Farms Apricot Fruit Strip.

Lunch was a PB & J sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin, red peppers, and a Chobani peach yogurt.


I haven’t had a PB & J sandwich in ages and it was a nice change for my lunch box!

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with pintos, tomatoes, mexican cheese and Frank’s Red Hot. This meal always seems to work for me before I workout, especially before Boot Camp. I added a small gala apple for a fruit and dessert. I also snacked on some tortilla chips and hot queso blanco after work.


I think I need some new placemats! I am sick of looking at the same ones in my posts.

Tomorrow, I am planning a rest day from working out. My legs hurt a bit tonight in Boot Camp and that was my body’s way of saying I need to rest. A nice walk after dinner might be just what I need. I love doing that with my husband and it’s been a while since we have taken a long walk.

Off to read my book and get ready for bed!

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