Our favorite hike

Tonight, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather we’re having in WI and went for a hike in the woods before sunset. It is our favorite hiking place–Wehr Nature Trail. Here are some photos of the beautiful sites. Sadly, the last time we went there this year was in Spring. I guess the mosquitoes scare us away during the rest of the year.





Our hike around the pond involved bursts of cool air and then surges of warm air. It was kind of odd!

I have to work for about 3 hours on Sunday, so I left work early today to get a head start on my busy weekend! We have my niece’s wedding tomorrow afternoon and evening and then with working in the middle of the day on Sunday, time is going to fly by.

I took advantage of no rush-hour traffic and drove north to Trader Joe’s. Since it is sort of far from our house, I picked up two of lots of things this time–two half and halfs, veggie masala burgers (yum, these went quickly last time I bought them), greek yogurts and two bottles of two buck chuck.

Before TJ’s, I had to eat something as I was getting shaky at 12:30. I decided to splurge on a big Kopps burger. I didn’t take a photo of my cheeseburger because there were lots of people eating outside with me, but it was the size of my head and a nice, thin hamburger, just the way I like it. No custard for me, just the burger.


This plain building has the best burgers and custard in WI (in my opinion)!


After unpacking my groceries, I put my gym clothes on and went straight to workout at the Y. Even though it was gorgeous out and I could have exercised outside, I wanted to go on the rowing machine and lift weights. I walked on the treadmill, watched HGTV and read the November Lucky magazine.

Then I hit the rowing machine for 13 minutes. My ankle started hurting at the end, so I had to quit. I love the groove you get into rowing though! I pictured myself rowing down a river in a competition.

Fitlinxx motivated me to do a circuit of weights. I also used the Swiss Ball and lifted more weights with that as my base.

My workout today left me craving yoga (Craig said this is the best thing I have ever craved). I haven’t done it in a week and I hope I can squeeze in a class tomorrow morning and make it home in time to shower and get ready for the wedding.

For dinner tonight, I had the usual. I seem to be obsessed with quick and easy whole wheat tortillas with pinto beans, etc. and a pumpkin beer.


Before our hike, I snacked on a greek yogurt with chia seeds, almonds and honey.

I didn’t blog yesterday after I got home from the gym. My stomach was a bottomless pit from my morning workout. I had a blueberry and vanilla protein powder smoothie, an egg sandwich and a Strawberry Chobani. My oh my that held me over well until I ate an early dinner of mini Jimmy John’s sandwiches at work.

Off to relax some more before our busy weekend! Good night all.


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