Yo baby, what’s up?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist with the corny title. I tried the Yo Baby Stonyfield banana yogurt at lunch today and it was really good! I liked the banana flavor. Not fake, just true to what a banana tastes like. Score–I will be buying more of these for my lunches when I run out of Chobani.

Speaking of lunch, here was mine today–an Arnold’s Thin with provolone, hummus, spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes; a YoBaby banana yogurt and some red grapes. I decided, because I have tummy troubles, maybe it is good to post my meals and also my snacks more often so I can see what is triggering my stomach problems. I just keep going back and forth on this issue of balancing the content of my blog. I guess that’s what beginners do!

After work, I headed to the eye doctor for my annual eye checkup. I wear contacts every day, but wear glasses at night and in the morning. My glasses have not fit right since I got them in California four years ago. Luckily, I got them fixed today. They never wrapped around my ears correctly and now they are much better! The optometrist and the assistant saw how they fit and laughed.

Here’s what I look like with glasses. What do you think? Total nerd?

Craig also got his eyes checked right after me. I made his appointment for him because he would never go otherwise. The doctor said this is common practice among wives. Why am I not surprised!? He lucked out with not having too much of a change in vision. Maybe he will get cool new glasses though.

After the eye doc, I came home, had the leftovers of a berry smoothie from yesterday and a banana with nutella. I needed some fuel for yoga!

I know this is a healthy living blog, but we all need to indulge in Nutella from time to time. Can you believe I had no clue this yummy spread existed until I lived in Europe? I also hadn’t had any hazelnut desserts until Europe. I love hazelnut anything now!

Yoga tonight was good. I got a good stretch out of it and now my aching triceps don’t feel so sore. I definitely satisfied my need to do it.

I picked up the second of Stieg Larsson’s books today from the library and need to go read some of it before bed. I’ll let you know how The Girl Who Played with Fire is when I get further into it (which will probably be this weekend since I am addicted).

I should have a glass of wine to celebrate my official “Foodbuzz Featured Publisher” badge on my blog! Yay!

Hooray for the arrival of Friday tomorrow! 🙂


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