Relaxing evening

Happy Friday evening! My body just shut down when I got home, so I didn’t go to the gym. I needed a rest day anyway before I hit the gym this weekend. Craig and I took a walk in the neighborhood. Here are some images of Halloween decorations and pretty leaves:


Neighborhood "Friday Night Scare" house


This house is decorated to the max every Halloween. They have a sign on the corner that says Friday Night Scare at  7 p.m. We’ve never visited, but should! We even got a formal invite as I took this photo.


Beautiful burning bush


After the walk, we made one of the Digiorno Pizza & Breadsticks boxes we picked up this week and got a good deal on ($3 per box). It was ok. My review would be that the breadsticks could use some garlic flavoring and the marina sauce dip that is included was just blah (Craig agreed). I was sooo full after a few breadsticks and two pieces of pizza.

Then…I fell asleep on the couch and a certain cute kitty joined me, further increasing my need to be glued to the couch and cuddle. Sometimes you just need a good Friday night nap instead of a Friday night drink.

Recap of earlier today…the day started out slow at work and then got really busy after I got out of a meeting, which was great because then my Friday flew by. I met with someone from the local genealogical society linked to our library and it was so inspirational. Now I want to do more research on my ancestors and my husband’s. I discovered some great free resources from the library to do that with.

Breakfast today was Kashi Autumn Wheat. You know, it doesn’t taste much different from Island Vanilla? I expected more flavors of “autumness” if that is even a word!

Snack during my 15 minute morning break was two dried figs (wasn’t feeling them today) and another coffee. Oh and a side of a second good book by Larsson.

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla from TJ’s filled with pinto beans and Colby and jack shredded cheese. Of course, I topped it with lots of Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I also had a Gala apple and a Strawberry Chobani yogurt.

Excited to get my haircut and enjoy a (free) relaxing spa treatment tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend.


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