Feeling pampered

I spent my morning getting pampered. Don’t you just love spa treatments and haircuts? I had a free “balancing treatment” for pre-booking my haircut today and it was so nice. The Aveda salons always have Chakra treatments and my husband says true Chakras cannot be achieved until you do years of meditation and yoga. I honestly don’t know anything about chakras, but the subject does interest me. I chose my Chakra based on the colors, design or words I liked on these flash cards. I picked three and then my stylist had me smell the three with my eyes closed. My final selection was Wisdom. She said I seemed happy and the card told her I could either be feeling very wise and at peace today (which she could tell I was) or I could be seeking wisdom. She then sprayed the smell around my head and did a scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Aaah, it was so nice!

Then it was haircut time! I never realized I had so much hair until it started to get thick in the back of my head over the last couple of weeks. When I went to see her in August, my stylist had asked me if I normally get it thinned out. Well I didn’t know, because no stylist ever told me they did that, but I guess I normally do, because she didn’t thin it in August and it got thick! This time, she got the back nice and thin and just updated my layers with a small 1/2 inch trim. I love a fresh haircut and style!

When I woke up this morning, I still felt full from the pizza and breadsticks we had last night! I still was craving pumpkin oatmeal and made myself a nice bowl before heading out for the spa. This was the first time I used Pumpkin Pie spice in my oatmeal and it definitely was the flavor I wanted to taste! I added Libby’s pumpkin, half of a banana, oats and then raisins, a spoonful of greek yogurt and nutella on top.

Craig has a friend over this afternoon, so when I got back, we cleaned as much as possible. I vacuumed, did the dishes in the morning, cleaned glass on windows and then so did Craig. Like a nice spa morning, I also love a clean house!

All of that cleaning left me hungry for some veggies! I made myself a nice spinach salad with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, hummus, sharp cheddar cheese, broccoli, and the last of Annie’s Asiago cheese salad dressing.

I’m indecisive about whether I want to go to the mall to check out the Banana Republic sale or if I just want to stay home to read, get caught up on things and organize in general. We’ll see…I am leaning towards shopping so Craig can hang with his friend all alone. But, then again, shopping can wear me out and I still want to get to the Y today.

Hope you are having a good Saturday!


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