Heart Walk

I woke up (too early) this morning, got ready and my parents arrived at 8:30 to pick me up for the heart walk. We ventured down to the Summerfest grounds and went to all of the various booths with free goodies. My mom loves this sort of thing.

It was chilly at first, but ended up being a beautiful day for a walk.

I had lots of little snacks before and after the walk.


Coffee and a PB granola bar

Fruit cup, multigrain bagel (half-my dad took the other half) with cream cheese

We ran into my friend Kim who works for Radio Disney, so this was a “gig” for her

I asked my parents if we ever had any heart problems in our family. Well, both my grandpas did. One had a heart attack and the other fainted while driving, thus getting in an accident and having a pacemaker put in. Not sure if he had a full blown heart attack.

After learning a little more about heart health (most of which I knew from magazines, etc.), it was time to walk 3 miles along the lakefront!

The walk was nice. It did make me miss running small races like 5k’s, which I have not done in a while.

Once home, I watched the rest of Letters from Juliet (not worth the time spent watching it) and rested. Then it was time to bake more Pumpkin Spice-Chocolate Chip Muffins!

My baking station was our small kitchen counter. I dream of the day when we have a bigger counter or even an island and oh, a dishwasher too!

Everytime I bake or cook, Karma thinks I am going to either a) drop food for him to eat b) open a can that slightly resembles a wet cat food can and give him some. Since I assumed it was more a B that he was wishing for with his cute little meows and stares, I gave in and finished up the rest of his wet cat food that was in the fridge.

I can’t believe the weekend is nearly over and it’s already 5! Aaah, where does my leisure time go? There was so much I wanted to do this weekend that I didn’t get done. Bummer. There’s always next weekend.

Time to make a quinoa salad for dinner and then save some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


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