Bonkers for bananas

Happy Monday!
This morning, I started my work week with a filling breakfast. I haven’t eaten instant oatmeal since this summer, when it was the best choice for a healthier breakfast while we were at my in-laws’ cottage up north. I needed to use up some ripe bananas and was craving bananas n’ cream oatmeal, which my husband just bought last week. I healthified it by adding chia seeds and some skim milk. I added more sweetness with a bit of nutella. I forgot how sweet instant oatmeal is compared to raw oats cooked on the stovetop! I have quite a sweet tooth, but I couldn’t believe how sweet the oatmeal was! I think I should add greek yogurt next time to tone down the sweet flavor.
And I must be craving bananas (my body probably needs potassium) because I packed a Banana Yo Baby yogurt for lunch too without even thinking about all of the banana things I was eating today! I also had my leftovers from last night’s dinner–quinoa with red peppers, boca meatless crumbles, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and a dressing of olive oil with balsamic and ground pepper from Penzey’s spices.
Snack at work was earl grey green tea and one of the yummy muffins I made yesterday.
I snacked on some pretzels with cheese when I got home from work and then made dinner. A Veggie Masala burger from Trader Joe’s on an Arnold’s Thin with spinach, tomatoes, mayo and a slice of Provolone cheese. Yum! I also had some Chocolate Monster ice cream after.
Then it was off to Boot Camp! It was a tough one tonight. I am sure my friend Angie would agree. Right Angie? We worked hard at push ups on Swiss Balls, running the ladder, skipping, arm rows, bicep curls, lunges with weights, running, sumo squats with leg lifts, upright rows and bosu ball squats. I am sore and tired. I can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow. I will most likely declare it a rest day!
I’m really in the mood to curl up under the blanket and read magazines or my book. Night!

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