Naughty kitties

We woke up this morning to hear a cat pawing at our door and meowing incessantly. Karma was ready for “food food” (they know the word for food) and wanted us up! My husband found this funny site about cats and while reading it on my lunch break today, I was cracking up. The last scene definitely could be Craig and Karma. I swear Craig wrote this cartoon about Karma, it’s so dead on. Check out more cartoons at this link:

Despite getting woken up a little earlier than normal, I wasn’t too tired once I was at work and I had a really good day.

Breakfast was a quick bowl of oats—instant strawberries n’ crème warmed up with skim milk and topped with a dollop of Nutella. Why did my husband pick out these instant oatmeal packets? They take me away from cooking oats on the stove, which is much healthier and less sweet.

Lunch (no picture, I think my camera makes too much noise in my office and I didn’t want to creep out my co-workers):

I got a grilled ham and cheddar sandwich from my work café. The chef started getting out white bread and I said “I know I am being picky, but do you have any wheat bread?” It was no problem at all for him and I made a trade-up with a more nutritious bread. Oh and I had a dill pickle. Can’t forget that! I also had a Peach Chobani and to satisfy my sweet tooth, a piece of English Toffee milk chocolate from Moser Roth (Aldi brand).

After lunch, it was flu shot time. If I didn’t get a flu shot, I think I would be really sick this winter. I used to get the flu every year and some years, it was just awful. I think my medical condition makes me more susceptible to getting it. It wasn’t all that bad, but the pain in my arm set in mid-afternoon and I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to yoga class tonight.

I opted for non-arm moving exercises at the gym. I biked for 22 minutes while reading Fitness magazine. Then I did the elliptical machine for 15 minutes. I chose the machine that didn’t require me to move my arms. I like moving my arms, so it was hard to get used to that style of machine, but it did make me feel like I was working my leg muscles more! I was bummed that my sore arm made me miss yoga, but I decided I’ll go on Saturday morning for the really tough class and that will make up for it.

I was hungry for veggies when I got home from the gym. I made a pretty big salad full of lots of green items-spinach, broccoli, green peppers, cucumbers. I also added feta, a few tomatoes from our garden and coated it with TJ’s Greek Style Feta Salad Dressing. I paired it with chocolate milk for muscle recovery. My husband had a free lunch at work today and he brought home a cornbread muffin for me. I had half of that too. I haven’t had cornbread in ages and it tasted so good! I will have to make it more often.

We made our favorite Trader Joe’s pizza-Four Formaggi. I had two slices and will have the other two leftover for lunch tomorrow.

I got an early start on my evening by hitting the gym right after work, so now I should go read some blogs and relax some more. The naughty cat Karma is curled up next to me, warming me up. He is fast asleep and probably dreaming of chasing mice…or of the cornbread scraps I fed him that ended up on his nose (so cute).

TGIF tomorrow! We’re going to a Dharma talk after work and maybe out to eat for Indian food (YUM)!

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