Wicked and wild wind

Driving to the grocery store tonight, I heard Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and this line was perfect for today: “it was a wicked and wild wind.” Whoa, today we are the windy city! What a crazy storm with high winds and rains.

Breakfast was the rest of the pumpkin oatmeal that I couldn’t finish for breakfast yesterday. I added a big chunk of greek yogurt for some protein and sweetened up a little more than yesterday’s bowl with some maple syrup.

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, shredded cheese and topped with Frank’s Red Hot sauce (I swear, I never get sick of this meal). I also had an apple and a Strawberry Chobani yogurt. Oh yeah and a Reese’s PB cup, which I learned scores a 3 according to the Nuval system on Trading Up Downtown today. Oh well, good thing I only eat them during Halloween time!


Dinner was fresh European baguette with deli ham, cucumbers, tomato, Swiss rye cheese, mayo, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, and oregano. Red grapes were my dessert. Oh and maybe another Reese’s PB cup. 🙂

Mmm…European baguettes bring me back to eating in Europe. Love them!

European baguette
mini-sub with red grapes

Mini sub and red grapes

Before dinner, I relaxed, put my feet up on the couch and looked through my new Fitness magazine.

Off to watch The Biggest Loser and rest some more. My legs aren’t as sore as they were yesterday, but I think I have a good night’s sleep and Burt’s Bees Muscle Mend to thank for that.

Speaking of The Biggest Loser, I was reading this FitSugar article featuring Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatums while blow drying my hair this morning. Thought you would enjoy!


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