Soy yogurt=never again

One more work day and then it’s the weekend!

Breakfast was greek and non-fat organic yogurt with honey, chia seeds, almonds and some honey nut cream cheese.

Snack at work was more coffee and more almonds.

Lunch was the rest of the European baguette with ham, cheese, mayo and Frank’s red hot sauce. I also had baby carrots. The final thing I ate was soy yogurt from Stonyfield. I had a coupon for a discount off of three soy yogurts, so I figured I would try it. I ate the whole container, but the only way to describe the strong soy flavor was nasty! It’s just my opinion, but I have tasted other soy things that have the same flavor and it was so gross. I had to get that taste out of my mouth right away after I finished it. Yuck! I feel bad for people who are lactose intolerant. I’ll take dairy yogurt any day.


soy yogurt

Dinner was a veggie masala burger on an arnold’s thin. I also had a glass of chocolate milk and a dessert of a brownie with Hagen Daz Peanut Brittle ice cream on top. Mmm, yummy!

Then it was my regular Thursday yoga class. I enjoyed it, as always. Nice and relaxing.

On that note, I’ll keep this post short so I can relax some more. Night!


3 responses to “Soy yogurt=never again

  1. So sorry you had a bad experience with soy yogurt. Have you tried WholeSoy yogurt?

  2. Hi Stacie–thanks for your comment. I wish I would have had a better experience with soy yogurt too. I have never tried WholeSoy, but would be interested in trying it sometime. Any flavors you would recommend? Do you send bloggers coupons to try WholeSoy and review it?

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