Fun at the zoo

Well, I didn’t post yesterday because I felt icky after work and was wiped out. I fell asleep on the couch for most of the night. Craig is sick with something and we were both just homebodies last night.

Yesterday’s food:


Lunch–red peppers, broccoli, Brown cow raspberry yogurt, gala apple and a ham sandwich with cheese. The apple was actually a late afternoon snack.

Aaah, dairy yogurt was so tasty compared to the soy yogurt from Thursday.

Brown Cow yogurt

Dinner didn’t exist. I literally turned to comfort foods such as ice cream with a brownie instead of real food. Blame it on a bad day at work. I also was not that hungry after I had that apple as a snack around 3:30.

ice cream

This morning, I slept in (well sort of, the cats woke me up at 5:20, 6:10, 6:20, then 7) and I slept until 8:30 after being woken up so many times by the naughty cats. I skipped yoga because I would have had to rush to get there.

Instead, I had breakfast–coffee with peaches n’ creme oatmeal:

And that fuel was what I needed for a tough workout at the gym. I warmed up on the rowing machine and then did intervals on the treadmill for a half hour. I walked inclines and then ran in between. Those runs really got my sweaty, but it felt good to run and my body felt strong. I also did weights and some of the ab exercises we do in Boot Camp class.

I had some Powerade and protein when I got home from the gym.

The Optimal Protein Diet bar is one that my co-worker gave me to try. I loved it! I only ate half and saved the rest for tomorrow, as it was pretty dense and I also needed to have a real lunch yet. It’s coated in chocolate and the bar itself is not gross tasting like some protein bars tend to be. I will be buying some of these–they have 20 grams of protein and are low in calories compared to other bars.

I got ready for the day and had lunch. My usual–whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, cheese, tomatoes, Arizona dreaming spice and Frank’s Red Hot.

An apple was my dessert and a Reese’s PB cup.

Then it was time to go to the zoo with my friend and her daughter. It was trick or treat weekend there, so it was pretty crowded and the kids were all dressed up in costumes. My friend’s daughter dressed up as Pooh.

We saw lots of cool animals. These lions surprised zoo visitors by mating in front of everyone!

And some cute Halloween decorations throughout the zoo grounds.

We did lots of walking, so I feel like I got another round of exercise in.

When I got home, I ran back out to get Craig and I Cousin’s Subs. I was pretty hungry, so I inhaled my ham and cheese sub. Craig had more of an appetite today than the last 24 hours or so, but he didn’t eat all of his sub. Poor guy!

Then there was some neighborhood action in the form of a car on fire down the block! Not fun to watch! We think it was parked on top of a leaf pile and started on fire because of that. I didn’t realize that could happen, but learned a lesson from seeing this scary sight.

Well, I am winding down by having a pumpkin beer and snuggling underneath a blanket with Karma the kitty next to me. Time for bed soon! Good night and Happy Halloween tomorrow!


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