Oh Baby!

My friend and her husband had their baby yesterday! A Halloween baby!

After work, I went to visit them at the hospital. I cruised home, ate white mac and cheese and then raced to the hospital. Here are some pictures.



Breakfast today was stove top oats made with water and a banana. They were kind of soupy, but that was OK. I bulked them up with chocolate chips, ground flax seeds, brown sugar and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

I had some of the baked oatmeal for a snack, but breakfast kept me full for most of the morning, so I didn’t snack on too much.

Lunch was a slice of leftover pepperoni pizza, strawberry Chobani and cucumbers with red peppers.

Boot camp tonight was good, per usual. We ran the basketball court, did mountain climbers and busters, lateral raises, upright rows, squats and twists on the Bosu, jumped rope, running the ladder in various ways, sat against the wall, bicep curls, rows with partners, and push ups. I have never done push ups correctly, so when our teacher corrected me, it hurt so bad!!

Rewind back to dinner last night. We went to the Organ Piper Pizza, which is near our house. I have never been there before and the pizza was really good. My in-laws met us there, so that was a nice surprise I didn’t expect. Craig wanted to go there for Halloween to listen to the Halloween music being played on the organ, which was really neat.

Here are some images from the inside and outside of the restaurant.



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