Heaven on Earth is Starbucks’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

I woke up this morning to lots of pain in my right ankle and could not even sleep in certain positions because it hurt so bad. I also was very happy when I woke up, as the program I coordinated last night went wonderfully. Over 300 people was the most we have had attend this program and it truthfully made me a little nervous, as we had to change some things to adapt for that many people. I got many comments about how great it went (including from the biggest boss of all-our President, my own boss and a couple of customers). Phew!

So, I got up, ate a breakfast of blueberries and cream instant oats and coffee (wanted to cook stovetop oats, but could not even stand on my foot at that point)…


And then iced for a while.


I have a fractured left ankle that was treated with physical therapy this past spring. I sprained my right ankle yesterday while getting out of my car at work. I was parked on this slope in a spot I normally don’t park in and as I stepped out, my ankle twisted, I fell onto the pavement and hit my left knee and left elbow into the ground. Luckily, I fell in sort of a smart way, because I could have actually done more damage to my arms otherwise. I fell yet again in the office in front of my co-workers. At that point, my one co-worker said that I had to stop moving and just relax. I had been on my feet for a solid three hours, just walking everywhere, plus my hour and a half workout, so I think my body was tired and reacted with the sprained ankle. 😦 I am really bummed. Gym time will now consist of biking and weights, mostly arms. I guess I am also disappointed that now I have two bad ankles that are in so much pain when I hurt them.

Craig and I ran errands today and I wore my lovely ankle brace out. It did help a lot and I experienced little pain, since I could not move my foot to the left or right. I just took very careful steps!

We went to two pet stores to check out gates. We have a major problem with our cats waking us up at 3 a.m. and such lately. We currently use a big piece of cardboard to block the hallway, but they get through that with no problem. None of the pet stores had what we wanted, so we’ll be getting a tall baby gate to try out.

At Petco, I had fun taking pictures of random things:

Cute birds (I grew up with pet birds-cockatiels and I visited with some of those too)

Dewey! Cutest cat story ever! I highly recommend this book for any cat lovers out there.


After Petco, it was time to sit and have a late lunch. There isn’t much food in the house and since my bum foot didn’t allow for a grocery shopping trip, we ate out. Craig loves Qdoba (well and so do I) but I wasn’t feeling it today. I had a yummy Veggie sub at Jimmy John’s.


Then it was time for what I called heaven on earth. We went to Barnes and Noble to look through magazines and around the store. I wanted a nice warm drink from Starbucks and was going to go with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but opted to try something new, the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Oh my deliciousness! To keep it a little healthier, I requested skim milk because I wanted the whip cream on top, which ended up being a nice “pillow” for the yummy caramel and salt.


This is Starbucks’s description on the web:
Hot chocolate with mocha sauce and toffee nut syrup, topped with sweetened whipped cream, a caramel drizzle and sprinkled with our sea salt and Hawaiian Turbinado sugar topping.

Craig told me he would just take a few sips. Of course, once the yummy flavors hit his mouth, he wanted more and more. We both agreed it was probably one of our favorite drinks ever from there. When Craig took the last sip and didn’t warn me he was going to do that, I literally pouted. I’ll have to order this again over the winter. I highly recommend it if you are looking to try something new at Starbucks. I also want to try to recreate it at home sometime.

I looked through Natural Health and Women’s Health magazines. I had read the November issue of Natural Health at the gym yesterday, but had to leave it there for someone else to read as I didn’t own the copy. I found so many great things mentioned in there and loved the magazine overall. Reading through it again at Barnes and Noble, I copied down about twenty various items from the magazine into my notes section of my iPod touch.  I also looked through some cookbooks. Then I saw this and it made me smile. David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors. I have read all of his books except the newest one, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. My favorite is Me Talk Pretty One Day.


I have been blogging for over an hour now, so it’s time to get off of here and enjoy my Saturday evening. Have a good night!


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