I’m back!

After two really busy days, I am back in blogging action! Here’s a recap of my food over the last few days:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breakfast-Strawberry Chobani with protein granola and pumpkin bread with best life spread and of course, coffee


Lunch-black bean burger with chipolte mayo and a fruit cup (bought at work)


Dinner–don’t remember what I ate.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Breakfast–Strawberry Chobani (which I just learned scores very well on the Nuval scoring scale) with granola


After getting back from a sweaty workout at the gym, I was hungry for some protein before taking a shower (I did almost a half hour on the Elliptical, 15 on the bike and a full circuit of weights). So, I grabbed a Larabar. Yum! I ate it while checking my work e-mail and responding to a bunch of people.


Then I saw my hair and thought to myself, I need new workout headbands that don’t move while I workout so my hair does not look awful like this by the time I get home. Anyone want to send me some samples (that I could review) and I could do a giveaway too? Or any recommendations out there? I was thinking about trying Lululemon’s version, but I also have seen some other versions on blogs.


Not a pretty sight, huh?

After showering my messy hair, I quickly ate lunch and got ready to hit Sam’s Club for the biggest shopping trip I probably will ever do there in my life (I hope).



After an hour and 15 minutes at Sam’s Club, my poor Fit was full and I had to have help out to the car. You see, my boss hurt himself on Thursday and I had to go shopping for my program at work on Friday. He usually does the shopping for this program. I had to buy food for over 300 people, including snack and breakfast, plus food for the staff to eat before working the night. I literally had a full flat bed at Sam’s that I had to put on hold at the front of the store and went back to get another cart full of food. Stuff was falling off of the flatbed. Insane, huh? I got the weirdest looks at the store. I just wanted to get out of there so badly.

What my car looked like after a $660 trip to Sam’s Club (and to think, I still had to go to another store after this exhausting trip and buy $75 worth of more food).

IMG_0024It was as full as when I had to move all of my stuff back from California.

Let’s just say that I never want to do that again. To think, after that insane trip all by myself, then I had to work and be on my feet for the next 8 hours straight, or really 10 hours straight if you don’t count sitting for two minutes as a break. Oh and I had to walk on a freshly sprained ankle. 😦

Next, I’ll post separately about today.


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