Pomegranate Package

Look what arrived in the mail today (I love free things and getting packages, so don’t get too excited)!

pom package

Thanks to a tip from Peanut Butter Fingers, Craig was shipped a beautiful pomegranate in the mail, for free.

Craig is sweet tasting ;)



Love the POM packaging, so cute! Now I just need to follow their directions and open the fruit to eat the arils.
how to open a pomegranate

I’ll do that tomorrow, since I clearly need directions, having never eating this fruit before. I hear it’s lovely though.

I know we’ll enjoy it!

Craig and pomegranate
Craig and pomegranate

Thanks POM and pbfingers for the tip!

Just a typical Monday for me, except of course for the bright sunshine as I left the house and drove to work.

I had a nice breakfast of yogurt & greek yogurt mixed with frozen berries and fresh strawberries. I topped it with chia seeds and honey.

yogurt with fruit, chia seeds and honey

Snack at work was a Vanilla Chai from a powder mix I have had forever. Plus about 10 almonds.

Lunch was kind of what I had for lunch yesterday. My meals are boring lately-clearly I need to go grocery shopping. I also added some baby carrots for some veggies. I have been slacking on eating my veggies. I love eating salads in the summer, but have been neglecting eating them lately.

lunch on 11-8-10

That apple shown was huge and actually my afternoon snack. It was a Gala, but I have never had one that big before.

huge apple that looks like a pomegranate

Dinner was pure carbs (with a bit of hot sauce). Good for a pre-boot camp workout.

white cheese and noodles

Plus a couple of cookies my mama made for dessert. I believe they are oatmeal raisin chocolate chip.

oatmeal cookie

I went to boot camp, but was careful with my ankle. No lunges for me. Luckily, we did mostly arms again. We did the chest press on the swiss ball, overhead press, bicep curls, some kind of row (I call it the lawnmower, as that is the only way I can remember the correct form–like you are starting a lawnmower), planks while holding onto the bosu, tricep dips, wall sits, etc.

That’s all folks. Time to read some blogs, a magazine and then get to bed!


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