Review of Lose It!

I was a bad blogger today and didn’t take many pictures of my food. Honestly though, lunch and dinner were the same meals I ate the last couple of days because we are seriously out of food, so I keep eating the same things. Taking pictures of all of my meals and snacks (and blogging about it) does hold me accountable, for example, when I looked at the picture I uploaded for today’s breakfast, I realized that I need to eat more fruit in the morning. I love fruit, so I should be cutting up strawberries or popping grapes for breakfast more often.

Today’s breakfast was a cornbread muffin and a fried egg. I got a little too happy with the Frank’s Red Hot!
Breakfast on 11-9-10-coffee, fried egg, cornbread muffin

Because I didn’t take any pictures of lunch, dinner or snacks today, I decided to show you an application I use on on my iPod touch that also holds me accountable. I use Lose It! to keep track of my meals, snacks and exercises. This totals up my calories for the day, calories burned and nutrients for the day and/or week. You can put in a goal weight, when you want to lose that weight by, your current weight, height, gender, age, how many pounds to lose per week, etc. and then Lose It! calculates how many calories to eat per week.

I took pictures of some of the menus to share with you. There are nicer images on the Lose It! site too.

Lunch today-
Lose It! Lunch on 11-9-10

Exercise example. I didn’t do yoga today, unfortunately, but did last week and this is an example of an hour long yoga session. Today was actually my rest day from exercise and I should have gone to the gym to do something, as I was feeling antsy. I did rake leaves in the backyard and clean around the house after work. I could even add the amount of time I spent raking or cleaning in the exercise section under house cleaning or yardwork.

Lose It! Exercise

Screenshot of how to log dinner. You can put your own recipe in, choose from supermarket foods & restaurant meals. Lose It! also remembers previous meals you have had so you can easily click on that if you eat the same thing a couple of days in a row.

Lose It! Dinner

Budget summary.

Lose It!

Supermarket options–I scrolled to show Trader Joe’s! Excited they have a few food selections in there for TJ’s.

Lose It! SupermarketI would recommend Lose It! if you are looking for a program that is easy to use for calorie counting and motivating you to note what you eat daily and how many calories you are burning while exercising.

I did install Calorie Count on my iPod and didn’t use it as much. I have no wi-fi internet access at my desk at work, so Calorie Count didn’t work at one of the times of day I was able to log my food intake for two meals (breakfast and lunch). It was a nice app overall and you can use their online version too. I’ll often refer to it when I want to add nutritional information into my Lose It! program and can’t find a certain type of food on there.

Hope that was helpful! I didn’t get into too many details, but many of those can be discovered just by downloading it yourself and playing on your own or on the Lose It! website.

I may hit the gym tomorrow morning before work, as I have to go to get my ankle x-rayed at 8:30 a.m. and will have plenty of time to get going to the gym before that appt. We’ll see how motivated I am when I wake up and it’s nice and cozy in our bed.


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