There IS such a thing as a free lunch

It’s almost the weekend! Happy Veteran’s day!

Breakfast today was Total cereal-Blueberry and Pomegranate flavor. It was very yummy!

Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal

Lunch was totally free (karma for making my husband’s lunch) because a luncheon had leftover food that couldn’t go to waste. My original plan was to eat a PB & strawberry jelly sandwich like I made for Craig as well. Instead, I ate about half of the breaded chicken pictured, all of the green beans and all of the rice with a tomato/olive/onion mix on top. I also had a really good toffee bar my co-worker made. It was a tiny bite, but enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

breaded chicken and green beans

I agreed to make Craig’s lunch today (and maybe more in the future too) and he agrees to eat healthier meals. He has been eating Banquet meals for lunch (sigh, a nutrition enthusiast like me’s worst nightmare). I was telling him that frozen meals in general have so many preservatives and sodium. While grocery shopping yesterday, we took a look at the sodium in various frozen meals–all very high. Not good for his body! I made him a sandwich, cut up some strawberries for both of us and added a Chobani into my lunch bag while he got a Yoplait. I will eat my lunch tomorrow instead. Then I can just sail out the door on time and won’t have to prepare anything!

peanut butter and jelly

Because I didn’t have it for lunch, I made myself a PB & J sandwich for dinner. I couldn’t resist my craving. I also had some dried apricots. Before dinner I had a snack of Pumpkin ice cream. Still in love with it!

pb & j

dried apricots

Then it was time to get to the Y for the Portion Distortion class. It was excellent and left me wishing I had many more hours to learn about nutrition and wellness. I learned some things and also realized how much I know about nutrition from reading blogs, magazines and books. I will share many of the facts I wrote down in another blog post. I have more time over the weekend to type out my two and a half pages of notes and share what I learned with you. Let’s just say that I definitely have a great visual in my mind of what portion sizes I should be eating at meals from now on. More people need those skills in today’s society!

After class, I had a late night workout on the bike–7.25 miles in a half hour and lifted free arm weights.

I get to leave work early tomorrow because I am over on my hours! Yippee! I want to hit the gym in the afternoon and then get some stuff done around the house so I don’t have to clean and do laundry all weekend.


One response to “There IS such a thing as a free lunch

  1. My husband was eating out or some variation of a microwave meal, until I offered to start making his lunches, he loves it now 🙂


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