Busy Friday afternoon off

Breakfast today started out with more free food, courtesy of work leftovers. I had an orange and a chocolate chip mini bagel topped with butter.

breakfast on 11-12-10-mini bagel, orange, coffee

I had lunch pretty early, around 11 a.m., because I was hungry and because I had to leave work around 12:15, otherwise I would be over on my hours for the two weeks. I had the pb & j sandwich, blueberry chobani and strawberries that I packed for lunch yesterday. I added the strawberries to the yogurt and it was really excellent tasting.


I left work early and went straight home to get started on things around the house. I washed dishes, did laundry, changed the bedsheets, raked leaves and took a huge pile to the curb and picked up around the house in general. I was exhausted at the end of all of that, but went to the gym for an hour and 20 minutes. I biked for 45 minutes and did a full circuit of weights. I read the entire November issue of Self magazine while biking. Love when I find new magazines at the gym that I don’t subscribe to!

Dinner was originally going to take place at a local Irish pub, but the parking lot and area around the pub was literally so busy, that we went home and made frozen pizza instead. It was some kind of grilled chicken pizza with no tomato sauce, so I liked that for a nice change from the usual type of pizza.

grilled chicken pizza and pumpkin beer

I hadn’t eaten any veggies yet, so I had about a cup of baby carrots.

baby carrots

Plus about a cup of Pumpkin Ice Cream topped with candy corn. Truthfully, the candy corn was a silly idea because it hardened quite quickly.

dessert-pumpkin ice cream and candy corn

We played Farkle for the first time last night. Craig had played on Facebook, but I had never even heard of the game until this week. It was fun and easy to learn! We each won a game.

Heey--good roll. Farkle

Yes, I am in my pajamas at 7 p.m. on a Friday night and Karma likes to sit behind me while I am at the kitchen table.

Playing farkle

Then I did the usual Friday night thing and fell asleep on the couch! My body and mind are always exhausted at the end of the week, so I guess it’s only natural that I shut down around 8 p.m. on Fridays.


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