Craft fair fun

I got up early on this Saturday to meet my mom at a local high school and help her setup her craft fair table. It turned out to be fun. I was her marketing and PR person, helping bring a new perspective on signs she needed and prices that needed to be marked.

Before heading to the craft fair, I had more of the Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal. I poured myself some cereal into my bowl and said to myself, I should listen to the advice of the teacher from Thursday’s class (still need to blog on what I learned) and measure this portion. Turns out I was slightly over the 1 cup serving size recommended by General Mills. I really want this measuring bowl where the measurements are written inside. Very cool idea and then I wouldn’t dirty up my measuring cups every time.

Portion control

Back to the craft fair…here’s mom at her table. She’s so cute.

mom at Franklin craft fair

My sister-in-law also had a booth there and it was her first time at a craft fair. She sold items made out of recycled materials. Very cute stuff!

Lisa at craft fair

Both ended up having successful days, which is great! People were really buying today! I helped my mom for about 2 hours and then called it quits. I would have loved to stay all day with her, but I needed to get things done at home. I ended up seeing my old high school track and tennis coach there and chatting to her for quite a while. She remembered by name and everything. I told her I still liked to run and play tennis and unfortunately, still have a bad knee and now two bad ankles. 😦

After the fair, I did a quick run to the mall on the way home and didn’t find anything. Shopping for Christmas presents is just not fun for me. I would much rather shop online.

I got super hungry once I was home and had a leftover slice of pizza, baby carrots, cheese curds (Wisconsin thing) and half of a tomato.

lunch on 11-13-10

Dessert was courtesy of the craft fair bake sale. A peanut butter patty and a quarter of of a gluten-free brownie. The PB patties were sooo good and the gluten free brownie was tasty too. I don’t know why, but it didn’t taste overly sweet, which to me was a good thing.

peanut butter patties and gluten-free brownie

It’s a dreary afternoon here. Blah. We’re going to try to get back to the Irish Pub again tonight for an earlier dinner this time. Hopefully we have some luck because I have been really craving an alcoholic cider!


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