Haribo Frogs, ich liebe dich

I happen to be a healthy living blogger who loves German candy. Chocolate and gummies are weaknesses. I went to a grocery story after my physical therapy appointment this afternoon and I know they have Haribo Frogs there. I have not purchased this since maybe spring of this year. I couldn’t resist the temptation today.

Haribo Frogs

I enjoyed a few as I blogged the portion distortion post.

Haribo Frogs

Other food today was nutritious, trust me. Cereal for breakfast, a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on Arnold’s thins. Strawberries were my dessert. Dinner was a pb & j sandwich with grapes on the side. I didn’t feel like taking meal pictures today.

I also enjoyed a Stonyfield Berry Blast Smoothie while I blogged this afternoon. It was my first time trying this and it was good. My stomach was a tad bit upset today and I needed some probiotics!

Physical therapy was productive. I had a new PT and she said my foot looked pretty good, except for the very tender spot on the right side of my foot, where it is also still bruised blue. I got a few new exercises to do and then got another anti-inflammatory patch put on my foot. These things are so cool. I had no clue they existed until last week.

I have to leave it on until 9 p.m. tonight, as it works for 6 hours. She gave me the patch that works quickly. The other one I wore last week lasted for 14 hours! The other excellent news is that I don’t have to wear my brace. I haven’t been wearing it for the last three days, as I was limping with it and my hips and other ankle were killing me. I was so happy when she said that I knew my body and not wearing the brace was ok.

Boot camp tonight was fun and a great workout, per usual. We did Bosu lunges transitioning into flamingos, dead rows (or something like that), tricep exercises with an exercise band, upright rows, scooters for our abs, push ups on Swiss balls, squats that transition into “Xs” at the top and for cardio, we ran and shuffled. We always do abs at the end too.

I like Boot Camp, but I miss yoga and I will attend either both sessions at the Y this week or just one of them. We’ll see how I do on Thursday, as the Saturday class is always really tough. I’m just not sure how my ankle will feel in some of the poses.

On another random note, did you know it is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day? I heard about it on the radio this morning on my way into work. The radio show had a germ specialist from a local hospital call in and she recommended that people clean out their refrigerator once a week. Ha, most people probably do this once a year or are like me and do it once every three months. I usually take everything out and wash the shelves when it gets really disgusting. Guess I need to clean more. I do assess what has gone bad and clean that out quite regularly.

Here is our messy fridge:

Now go clean your refrigerators!


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