Restful evening

Tuesday is my rest day from the gym. I needed it today after feeling quite sore all over from yesterday’s Boot Camp. My thighs, quads, triceps and especially my abs (from the scooters) hurt. It wasn’t the same soreness I got from Body Pump at the Y, but was a close second.

For dinner tonight, I wanted to challenge myself to Tina’s Cookbook Challenge. Alas, I realized that unlike Tina, I don’t have that many great cookbooks. I like pictures–I am a visual person. Mine lack pictures. I do have some checked out from the library, but figured those didn’t count. I looked through the two below and decided I didn’t like anything I saw and was craving quinoa anyway.

So I made Quinoa with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and topped it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The leftovers will make a great lunch for tomorrow too.

I packed my lunch for today before I went to bed last night. I realized that I was spending about 10 minutes in the morning prepping my lunches. It was so nice to grab and go when I was ready to get out the door for work. What I had waiting for me: a whole wheat tortilla filled with shredded cheese and pinto beans, 4 oz. of baby carrots, red peppers (which I added to my mini burrito and ate the leftovers by themselves) and a Stonyfield Strawberry Acai yogurt.

My restful evening included going to the library with my husband (we checked out lots of good DVDs, oldies but goodies) and then I had a mountain of dishes to tackle. Sadly, besides lacking good cookbooks, my kitchen also lacks a dishwasher. I kind of like washing dishes though, it’s just the time it takes that kills me. I hate drying and Craig doesn’t mind that part, so it works out.

I am concluding my restful evening by sitting here and blogging with ice on my ankle. My left ankle has been really painful as a result of depending on that side while I limped on my right ankle last week. I wish all of these injuries would just end. While we were headed home from the library tonight, I told Craig, “I am craving putting ice on my ankle.” He said that he has never heard me crave anything but food. Aaah, the magic of ice. It feels so good.

Off to watch The Shawshank Redemption. We’ve both seen it, but The Family Guy episode last night reminded me that I need to watch it again, as I don’t remember the movie at all.


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