Sweaty Bands review

After this workout headband disaster, I asked Sweaty Bands if I could review their headbands and they kindly sent me two free (super cute) samples. I was so excited when they arrived in the mail!

Sweaty Bands


I loved the two styles they sent me! As you will see, one is thicker and one is thinner.

I wore the thicker one to the gym on Friday and it stayed put, at least until I was doing abs at the end of my workout. It did stick up a little in the back, but maybe it’s the way my head is shaped. It didn’t hurt my head or annoy me at all during my biking and weight lifting workout. The velvet backing that sticks to your hair is definitely the key in making these stay put! I also liked having a headband on to stop the sweat from rolling down my face. When they get dirty, just wash by hand and drip dry.

pretty Sweaty Bands headband

Sweaty Bands headband

Sweaty Bands headband

The thinner zebra striped headband.

zebra headband

Zebra skinny Sweaty Bands headband

I wore the thinner one to Boot Camp last night and it was great! I think I prefer it over the thicker one. Again, it only started slipping when I did abs and it slipped off my head a little bit.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Sweaty Bands and purchase your own headband(s)! They have tons of prints and solids to choose from. They also sell them in local running stores, etc.

Thanks for letting me try these out Sweaty Bands! 🙂


One response to “Sweaty Bands review

  1. Those are really cute! I’m heading to the website now 🙂


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