Free week at the YMCA

If you live in the Milwaukee area and have always wanted to try the YMCA, here is your chance (ahem, Angie)! 😉

From November 28-December 4, the YMCA is offering a free week to help you burn off your Thanksgiving meal.

If you read my blog, you know that even though I am a fairly new member of the gym (I have been going for two months), I love the YMCA and can’t say anything but good things about it. In fact, since my friend Angie is thinking about joining the YMCA soon, I thought I should come up with a “15 things I like about the YMCA” post before this free week offer begins. I have about 5 things in my head and will come up with more soon to share with you.

I went to yoga at the Y tonight and it was exactly what I needed. I hadn’t been in a while because of my ankle injury. Surprisingly, neither of my ankles acted up and I could balance pretty well on a balance pose heavy night.

Well, it’s getting late and I didn’t eat anything too exciting and different from the usual today, so I guess this is my first photo free post. Sorry!


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