Adventures in toilet shopping

After getting some stuff done around the house, Craig and I headed out to Home Depot to look at toilets. My goal was to also walk away with a spice rack and that happened! I also posed by this HUGE snow plow. I wish we had this to plow our driveway!

Huge snow plow and me

We wanted a new toilet because ours is currently using twice the amount of water that the newest ones on the market use (typically 1.28 gallons per flush). Ideally, we could have also found one with a dual flush, like Craig was impressed by in Europe. Unfortunately, we were limited because our bathroom is kind of small and our toilet just happens to be right by the bathroom door. The dual flush toilets on the market are just too long for our small bathroom.


Craig at Home Depot toilet shopping

After narrowing it down to two, we left Home Depot and went to Starbucks right next door to purchase the two-for-one holiday drink deal. We both got the Caramel Brulee Latte. It was good, but not quite the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

Starbucks Caramel Brulee

Me at Starbucks

Craig researched the two toilets we liked on his Droid.


I bought two of these adorable Jonathan Adler ceramic cups…one for my mom for Christmas and one for myself for Christmas. I saw them online the other day and was so excited to find them at my local Starbucks today! My mom and I sort of have an obsession with coffee cups.

Starbucks Jonathan Adler ceramic cup

Starbucks Jonathan Adler ceramic cup

The research led us to conclude that the Kohler (yay, local company) toilet was rated best.

Wellworth Kohler toilet

Kohler Wellworth

Luckily, when we went back to the toilet aisle, the really smart Home Depot worker was there. He had helped Craig before with pipes for our dryer. We asked how the toilet was rated and he said it was a really good model for the price. It was a best seller for a while and has even been improved since that time. This made Craig and I feel much better about our choice!

Here’s my spice rack. Nothing fancy, just a nice wire one to attach to our pantry door. So excited to organize my little spice bottles and other random small things. This will be so nice to use while cooking and baking.

spice rack

Off to watch The Talented Mr. Ripley. Craig has never seen it and I am a huge Matt Damon fan, so I don’t mind watching it for probably the fourth or fifth time.


2 responses to “Adventures in toilet shopping

  1. I have tried the salted caramel hot chocolate and it is so freaking good, I love it! Nice toilet 😉


  2. I know, I need to find a way to duplicate it at home so I don’t have to pay almost four bucks for it every time I have a craving!

    Yeah I just had to share our toilet shopping experience on the blog, even though it was not about food or fitness, it might help someone who is researching toilets. 🙂

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