Food, cultures and dancing

I went to the Holiday Folk Fair International with my mom this afternoon to experience different ethnic food, cultures and performances. I had never been to it before and part of my job involves coordinating different cultural groups to dance and participate in programs. It was good to especially see the different ethnic groups dancing.

Breakfast this morning was a fried egg on a whole wheat English muffin. I also had some Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese smeared on, which made it creamy tasting.

I saved room in my tummy so I could eat lunch at the fair.

I enjoyed some dolmades from the Greeks:

Half of a bratwurst with sauerkraut and ketchup from the Donauschwabens (Germans from the Austro-Hungarian empire):

Dessert was one of my favorite German cakes-Bienenstichkuchen (Bee Sting Cake). Mom and I split it.

All of the ethnic food offered was a foodie’s heaven! I wish I could have had so many of the desserts especially.

We walked around to check out the various ethnic vendors and presentations. I talked to a nice Swiss man and told him about my time living in Lugano.

Here are some photos from the fair. I regret not bringing my DSLR, as I feel like my Canon point and shoot is just not cutting it anymore.

The last 45 minutes of the fair, we watched lots of different dancing groups–Greeks, Ukrainians, Polynesian, Norwegian, Serbian, Mexican, Italian, and Bulgarian. They were all so different and had gorgeous costumes.

When I got home, I downed some water. All of that rich food left me dehydrated! I was still craving something sweet though. I snacked on some Newman’s Own Organics Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies that the company sent to me to review.

These were so good! They tasted like mini brownies. Since I have been trying to integrate more organic products into my diet whenever possible, I was really happy to read that the Organic Palm Fruit oil used to make these cookies is not hydrogenated, contains no trans-fatty acids, is lower in saturated fat than butter and has no cholesterol and much more. I’ll be reviewing many more products throughout the week when I bring some of them in my lunch or snack on them after work.

I’m still sleepy and want to relax by reading some blogs and The Girl Who Played with Fire. It has taken me so long to read it, but now I am at page 508 and have about 200 more pages to go, so I am almost done! Hopefully I can finish it over the long weekend and maybe start The Help.

Enjoy your Sunday evening! Hooray for a three day week!


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