Lazy Friday

Well I guess I wasn’t that lazy yesterday, but it felt like a nice, relaxing Friday.

I ate lots of leftovers…my quinoa recipe for breakfast.

quinoa and coffee

I am not much of a Black Friday girl (more of a Cyber Monday gal), but Craig wanted to go to a music store to buy his Christmas present for himself with a percentage off that doesn’t come along too often. He dropped me off at a department store because they had a coupon for $10 off any $10 item. Of course, so many things were not applicable with the coupon, so I didn’t find anything. I gave my coupon away when I left the store. The crowds were bad, but I was just happy I didn’t have to go anywhere else, so I didn’t mind.

Lunch was cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing. Holy carbs! No wonder I wanted to snack the rest of the day. Eek. I need to get back to my normal eating habits.

thanksgiving leftovers

I relaxed by reading many magazines. I needed to make a dent in my big magazine pile! Karma cuddled up to me while I read in the sunshine on our living room floor.

Karma and I

Karma and I

Craig installed our new toilet! It looks so nice! While he did that, I cleaned the microwave, did dishes and picked up around the house.

Old toilet

old toilet

New toilet

new toilet

new kohler toilet

We discovered that the model we bought actually does sort of have a dual flush. We were originally looking for that when we researched toilets. That should save some water and thus some money! Our house is slowly getting more green.

Before going to the gym, I ate some Newman Own’s Organic White Cheddar soy crisps. Pretty good!

Soy crisps

Newman Own's Organics soy crisps

The gym was sort of busy. I rowed for five minutes, lifted a full circuit of weights and since my favorite elliptical machine was not available, I tried a new machine–the Precor 100i AMT. After I got the hang of it, I realized that the handy pictures on the machine showed that a long stride was like sprinting, the shorter was like running and the shortest was like running stairs or like a stairstepper.

I alternated between all of these strides. When I would stride a certain length, the machine showed which stride I was doing. After 20 minutes, my legs definitely hurt, mostly in the thigh region. The thing I noticed about the machine was that when you used the arm handles, my legs were so heavy and hard to push. I felt like I was lifting weights!


Craig wanted pizza when I got back from the gym, so I set the oven. Unfortunately, when it was time to put the pizza in, I realized the oven wasn’t warm. I quickly got out the toaster oven and used that instead. Just when Craig completed one house project, alas, another may ensue. We’ll have to see if it’s just a replacement part that we need, because everything else on the oven works. There goes my idea of baking cookie dough balls and a recipe from Clean Food. 😦

At least I got some fresh veggies into my diet! The toaster oven worked pretty well on the convection setting.


I organized my coupons this morning and have my grocery list ready. Time to shower and then hit the grocery store for double coupon day.

grocery list and coupons

Come back later today for my first giveaway!


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