Back to my routine

You have the whole week to enter my Stonyfield yogurt giveaway, but come on readers, enter now!

After I post this, I am going to search the internet for some Cyber Monday deals. I am not looking for anything in particular for Christmas presents or myself, except prescription swim goggles and there aren’t any deals with those. I just hoped that there were a few excellent deals that would be too good to pass up. Anyone find anything exciting online?

Back to work this morning. In a way, it feels good to be back to a routine. I loved my days off, but a routine is also good too.

I had Total Cranberry cereal with pomegranate arils for breakfast and a big glass of coffee.

breakfast on 11-29 Total cereal

My tiny snack was fresh, homemade cranberry and walnut bread that my co-worker’s wife made. It was delicious and hit the spot! Breakfast did not fill me up and I was craving some protein badly.

Mid-morning, I had to go to the doctor. I have a medical condition where I have to see my doc quite often and I dread these appointments sometimes, mostly because I fear what my doc will tell me, like what she told me today. Argh. I was there forever. She was running 45 minutes behind and then I had to get labs drawn and they were behind there! Glad that is over. I wish the doc was as exciting as Cyber Monday.

After the doc, I ran over to Bruegger’s bagels and picked up a veggie sandwich on a salt bagel. I was craving veggies badly today after a carb loaded weekend.

Bruegger's veggie sandwich

At work, I had a meeting to attend right away, so sadly I didn’t even eat lunch until 2 p.m. I was starving! The sandwich tasted so yummy and so did the pickle! Love deli pickles.

The rest of the day flew by.

Once home, I craved protein and was still really hungry, even though I had lunch so late.

I snacked on some Newman Own’s Organics Newman-O’s in the mint flavor.

Newman-O's Mint

I really liked these. Craig had just bought mint Oreos a couple of weeks ago and I can’t be trusted those, so I ate many over the last two weeks.
Compared to the mint Oreos, the Newman-O’s weren’t as sweet, in a good way that is. They tasted more natural than the Oreos. Another great Newman’s Own Organics product I was lucky enough to try!

I had a Strawberry Chobani.

Strawberry Chobani

And made a fried egg sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin with Swiss cheese.

Then it was time for the Monday Boot Camp where she kicked our butts tonight! I am sore and tired and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Off to shop Cyber Monday!


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